I'm not really sure when and how I met @Agagor. We never played a game together. We were not part of a same guild. I guess we just got to know each other via social media, or some forums of some kind. Then he joined guild UMBRA under my guidance, and errrrmm.... that didn't ended well. After that episode, when I came up with the idea of re-creating Whitestar, two years ago, I obviously invited @Agagor to be part of it. And this what he said:

I already thought you would plan something like this, when you posted about a crazy idea and something freaking awesome :D ...
Sounds kinda awesome .. even though I didn't have anything to do with any of the two guilds (Whitestar / Mist Angels) so far :-)
Would be an honor to be part of this :D

Back then, I proposed him to be one of the Council member, but he declined.

However, its two years that @Agagor has show his dedication and support to the community, providing and handling our Team Speak and Discord server, being a dedicated World of Warcraft officer, or being present to most community events and having at least one low level alt in each of our guilds.

Usually the title of "Elder" is given to old Council members that step down, but can still provide guidance and suggestion to the actual Council. However, the Council decided that we wanted to give @Agagor this title, simply because he deserve it.

Congratulations Aga!

Now we know the grim consequences this promotion will have, Agagor will read all post in the archives, will store every informations in his oversized brain an when someone will make an argument about a new decision, Agagor will answer " I remind you that the 5th april 2014, you said exactly the opposite <quote>" ermmm...