Welcome back to weekly shows! As I mentioned the other day on Twitter, we are going back to a weekly schedule after a couple of months of biweekly shows.

"So, it's been a couple of months that @couchpodtatoes has been operating on a bi-weekly schedule. This was due in part to busy schedules. It's also hard coming up with something fresh to discuss every week. I know I was feeling a bit of fatigue when it came to being creative. We had an answer... we went biweekly and took on another co-host. But now we're feeling re-energized. I personally was missing doing it every week. I love talking with my co-hosts. We also had some positive feedback recently and want to keep things going strong for our fans. So I'm happy to announce that Couch Podtatoes is going back to a weekly schedule. We'll have something new for you this weekend, so keep an eye out for that. Our biweekly shows will remain the same with our other hosts. Thanks for dealing with our shit while we figured things out! And sorry for the spam!"

With that said, this is our first news/current events show, and we talk about everything and the kitchen sink. We also brought "Idiots on the Internet" back from the dead, and talk about a particularly infamous League of Legends streamer who was recently banned by Riot. Otherwise, it's our usual rants and rambles. Let us know what you guys think about the new format ideas!