Those of you who have been paying attention will probably have heard the scuttlebutt about the whole Link gender swapping issue that arose over the past week. I wrote a post about it myself, as did Eri and other members of the community. Later, it was clear that though the discussion was a good one, it was stretched out over so many different websites that we should probably combine all of the thoughts into a podcast. I ran a poll, our fans voted and we ended up rolling with it. So we talk about gender swapping of Link and other iconic characters, in video games, movies, and comic books. Later we also relate the same sort of ideas toward the changing of ethnicities as well. I'm pretty sure there's some dick jokes in there as well, but that's nothing new. We ended the debate 1-1, so I guess we'll have to run another round the next time there's a hotbutton issue that me and Eri at least partially disagree on. Enjoy the rant. We'll be back in a week.