Greetings everyone!

I'm organising with my community Whitestar a static group for Trial in The Elder Scrolls Online once a week on MONDAY at 09:00pm (CET) We wil be starting with Maw of Lorkaj and Sanctum Ophidia normal. Once the other Trials will be adapted (September), we will also explore Aetherian Archive and Hell Ra citadel. Once the group is ready to tackle more challenging content, we will try the veteran mode.
Key words: TeamWork - FUN - Relaxing

Players that are new to the game, feel too shy to join a PUG, and would like to experience Trials with a nice group without being forced to join a guild are very welcome to join this project! Players that are veteran, experienced and want to join a relaxed group are very welcome to join aswell if they can show patience, and accept to not spoil the tactics if not asked :)

Who can join?

  • PC EU Megaserver
  • Veteran character. CP close to 160 idealy (can be discussed)
  • Access to Maw of Lorkaj (ESO+ or ThievesGuild)
  • Be a nice, relaxed, and patient player
  • No experience requiered
  • No min-max build imposed

Why a Static group? My guild is tiny and we like it that way, we have not enough active members of the lvl required to organise trials group. Instead of mass recruiting or pugging, I'd like to organise and open this event for anyone regardless of guild affiliation or faction. In the same time, I'd like to preserve the comfort of meeting regularly with same people, so we get to know each others and learn to work together.

Rules - for a easy organisation and ensure the comfort of everyone.

  • Register on Anook, and sign up events (will be linked here every week)
  • Register on Discord to join our voice chat (adress will be shared in the group chat). Microphone not requiered.
  • Be nice and respectful
  • Come in time. After 5min past the time, you will be replaced
  • Come prepared. Food, gear repaired, build set up
  • No elitism allowed
  • No sudden AFK during the event for minor matters such as drink, food and the likes.
  • No trolling, excess noise, controversial talk or anything disturbing during the event.
  • Those events are meant to relax, and having fun, while accomplishing a challenge in group.

How to be part of this event?

  • If you are interested, sign up this thread with your character, classes and role. Add your ALTs if you like as informations. In case we need to be flexible and switch roles.
  • You can sign up on Anook (social network for gamers), as we will set up the events there.
  • You can contact me in game @Elloa (friendlist full though), on Anook @ Elloa or Discord @ Elloa#6812

Poeple signed and confirmed on Anook will always have priority over other players that has not bothered to sign up. Its a simple and easy way to "save" your spot.