This week's Hearthstone brawl is a co-op. You get to be either Shaman or priest, and you take turns with the other person trying to whittle down Nefarian from 200 life. Sounds daunting, don't it? He starts off with 0 attack power, then ramps that up to 5, and then 10. He does some AoE stuff in there as well, but your decks are stacked with enough buff and survive and draw to keep him going.

My partner and I managed to win my first try; my wife and her companion got him down to 2 before running out of cards. That's my only "complaint" about the brawl: it takes a long time, as long as both players going to fatigue takes (in my game, my partner ran out of cards the turn before we won). So this isn't one of those get-in, get-win, get-pack, get-out brawls.

Which is why I haven't bothered playing it on my F2P account yet, as I haven't felt like setting aside 25 minutes to do so. Maybe tomorrow.