This is a tiny something I've been meaning to get sorted for a little while and for some reason or another I didn't get round to it. However, here it is!

Lets be honest, guild activity in FFXIV has been inconsistent lately, what with all the shiny new things coming out and people wanting to try other games or coming to a close with content. I thought it would be nice for the players who are either newer to the guild/game or old time players who are still playing, to have connections to other players from other guilds who are nice, friendly and helpful. Originally @mazza set up a linkshell to gather friendly people together so that we could all help each other and meet new people. I've ever so slightly hijacked this (sorry!) and expanded a bit to people who I have also come across in my travels who have always been lovely FF community members and really nice to us here in Whitestar.

In short, it's not an official guild authorised thing.. its just a nice network of people that is there if YOU would like to take part. It also means that regardless of whether the guild is busy or not, there are always nice people around if you want to do things and stuff, even if it's just sitting around watching the sun set!

What is a Linkshell?
Literally just a chat channel, similar to those in WoW, though you need an invite to it. Shortcut to type is Alt+L (then repeat if you already have multiple).

How do I join?
Poke me or use the player search function to look for Mazza Chronos.

Any questions feel free to PM, comment below or poke in game!
Remember this is only optional and there for you if you would want to be part of it, there is also no harm to leave whenever you like.

-Novi Rae Odin EU