Crafting is an important aspect of Saga of Lucimia. And who says crafting, says cooking, that include lots of different reciepes and ingredients, to produce nice dishes that will benefit our avatars.
@Renfail want to go one step further and create a Cooking crafting book in game, but also... in real life! A way to bring a little piece of your favourite fantasy world in your own home and surprise your family and friends with insolit and amazing reciepes.
To realise this project, Renfail wants to involve the community, so read his post below for more information of how YOU could be part of this!

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Do you like to cook? Garden? Brew? Ferment? Is finding and creating medieval or fantasy recipes a thrill to you? Is sliding a frothy head of something nutty down your throat (insert NSFW joke here) your favorite past-time?

If you've got a passion for any of those things, I want to hear from you!

In December, I'm putting together the first draft of the official Saga of Lucimia cookbook, an in-game and real-world combination of elements. It's a fantasy-themed collection of the fantastical, the medieval, the eclectic, and the delicious. And I want you to be a part of it!

I'm looking for contributing recipes from brewers, gardeners, chefs, and crafters. You will receive a credited byline for your recipes (and of course a free version of the finished real-world product), and you can help create the title and lore around your recipe. We'll be working on integrating this into the existing lore of the game world, and recipes will crop up from time to time in the books, as well as in the game, and of course in the finished product, which will be both a real-world cookbook, and an in-game cookbook with character names attached to recipes.

The finished product will become a Kickstarter or Indiegogo (I'm not 100% sure just yet), with the goal being to cover the costs of creating a printed version of the cookbook. We'll probably even attach Volume I copies of the game to some of the higher level tiers, but the primary purpose of the crowdfunding campaign would be to cover costs for physical production.

Regardless of how the Kickstarter/Indiegogo performs for the print editions, digital versions of this cookbook will eventually be available (for an as-yet-to-be-determined-fee), along with the in-game versions (which are part of the in-game lore).

This has nothing to do with the programmers and world builders and artists who are working on the ongoing physical development of the game, so please refrain from making wild accusations that time dedicated to this project isn't time spent on actually developing the game, because that's simply not the case. This project is purely related to the lore of the world, which is my job, and it's a separate byproduct that I'm working on as part of the ongoing lore of the crafting system for the game, which includes ingredients and recipes for the bakers, brewers, gardeners, and beyond. It does not impact ongoing work in any way, shape, or form, other than to enhance the lore of the world and depth of the crafting system.

The design of the cookbook will be somewhat similar to the Player's Handbook for D&D, with heroes and adventures woven into the recipes, and laying out the recipes in such a way to include them in the lore of the world.

Eventually, this same cookbook will be included within the game itself as part of the crafting side of the game, with contributors having recipes attributed to their characters, above and beyond the recipes cropping up in storylines and quests and the like.

Send me a direct message if you want to be involved. I'll be contacting interested parties sometime in December.