The part of my soul I allowed you to share is shattered. All memories of happiness and joy now replaced it with your cruel words, lies and resentment. It didn't have to be this way, so easily can happiness be turned to dust. Forever not living up to the standards you so badly wished for after trying so hard.

Being aware of extensive pain you knew pre-existing in others, yet valuing your own ambitions high above everything else. All meaning nothing to you. You see only yourself and I was blind.

Those that seek to find something so badly will find it, justifications of imagined thoughts. You brand others with duality, as hypocrite and harlot yet you forget to look into the mirror, blinded of your own actions and part played. Taking the fragile gift of trust and grinding it to dust. You fooled those closest to you, believing your kindness and intentions of friendship were true, false words for only your benefit. All to dissolve into resentment and bitterness.

We are not perfect, all have light and dark. Some more light than others, some more dark. I am well aware of my own imperfections and darkness, I battle with this everyday. Believing all the words you wished me to, all the brands and accusations.. I would have no friend in the world, yet I am blessed with few who know me for my exact true self and never falter.

Celebrate that you have caused the pain you intended. Enjoy your victory because it is the last one I will allow you to have. The joy is burned to ashes, never to recover. You chose this, not I.

Be content in the pain you continue to spread to others through your bitterness. You are lost to me. You cannot cause more pain than you already have.

I work to fully erase every memory and this is the end. Pity can now only exist for your efforts.

You can snap the branches all you wish but the tree will still grow.