Well this was quite the evening, I was in the mansion my husband Illidan had claimed in the name of outland on a normal Thursday. The kids were in bed, the naga things we’re in the basement, not a peep all through the house. Then suddenly, our security guard, Supremus had been murdered! I looked down from atop the spire, to see a rag tag group of hunters and some funny looking fellows storming the gates!

Me being a quite welcoming host, went to meet them and showed them to our Butler, Mr Dumb Dumb McPoopy (He keeps telling us to call him Akama Mattata or something?) He kindly takes their coats but then one of them tells him about a viva le revelation and they all start making a mess in the coat room! How barbaric. Me being very passive, I try to reason with them and take them to see my cousin in law, Gorefiend. Now Gorefiend is a bit hashtag edge, and starts turning them into ghosts so I had to go around resurrecting them, peasant work am I right? But then one of them drives a sword through his heart! As I stood their trying to stop the bleeding they all run off to destroy that soul engine thing Hubby keeps in the basement. Going to be honest with you guys on this one, I let them take it out, that thing keeps me up at night (not the only thing am I right or am I right?)
Anyway after they completely ruined the guest floor I had to escort them to Illidans Friend ChambersTM Its where all those lady’s with the masks stay, he’s such good friends with all of them, sometimes they hang out for hours at a time..and sometimes for 5 minutes….
They went around killing all of Hubby’s good friends! One of them even claimed a bed, I allowed the carpet area to be her room.

Once they reached the peak of the Chambers, The Sensation Station, they killed that lovely 6-armed lady, we were supposed to go out for coffee next week! Then they went and killed those blood elf people, they were very close friends of mine. After all this nonsense Mr Dumb Dumb McPoopy shows up, and brings his ghost friends and starts breaking into the master bedroom! At Illidans alone time of all times. I stand my ground but the others push past and interrupt his skull session.
Then, they start doing battle, Illidan being no stranger to battle, starts cutting them to bits, the hunters fell, the mages blood painted the room! The broken fell to the floor, some say when his skull hit the temple, it could be heard throughout all of outland. As he stood proud over all of them that slut maeiv showed up and made a move, I kicked her out though. The day was won, but then the flesh from their corpses disappeared and they got to have like 3 more goes?! How is that fair Blizzard come on we won fair and square?

The last image Illidan Stormrage saw as the light drained form his eyes-1997 Colourised

SO after like 20 goes or something they finally cheated and killed my hubby, and he didn’t even get a respawn! Hacks I tell you, my controller was broken, my dad works at Nintendo. Then they started taking pics of his dead body, kinda messed up if you ask me. But my hubbys days were not over, and the so-called heroes of Azeroth? Their days were numbered, for Illidan will rise again! His wings will cast a shadow over Azeroth and paint the land with the blood of-wait what
Wait so

All Photo Credits To Aeyvi-