*rubs away tears* okay so where was I, oh yeah, Maeiv and the cheaty rag tag group had just slain my hubby Lord Illidan Stormrage, but I was not afraid because I knew things the group didn’t (because blizzard made it up like 9 years later or some shit) I knew Illidan was a demon so his soul would make a new body for him..or something..To be honest its not that clear. But the sneaky Maeiv knew too..i guess? Look lets not focus on the details. She used his demon blood against him and froze him in place! As all the reinforcements from Mardum came rushing in the same fate befell them. I knew I had to act fast at risk of being locked up in the vault so I joined the rag tag group and made my way back home to Azeroth where I stayed undetected for 7 years.

One day while walking through Stormwind I received a summons to the Iron Front in the Blasted Lands, orcs from the past and another reality (like I said don’t think about it) had invaded our world This could be my chance, another reality, perhaps I can find their Illidan! He could help me free our Illidan, then they’ll be two of them. *Amy becomes lost in her thoughts for about 15 solid minutes of telling this story* I packed my things and tyranda mask and headed for the Iron Front. Hordes poured through the gate, but I followed Khadgar through, the mage seemed to know much about the fel, he is my best chance at finding Illidan, I decided to stay close to him. The adventures in this land took me far and wide but never close to my daddy, until we assaulted Hellfire Citadel.

There I met everyone’s favourite lovable character Gul’daniel. While the group of hunters and mages went off killing everything in sight, I snuck up to the peak of the citadel to strike a bargain with Gul’daniel. We hatched a plot to free the Illidan of my world. While the gang tore the place apart and Gul’daniel realised his fate he presented our idea to Don Archimondé. His desire to see Azeroth burn was unquenchable and so the three of us put the plan into motion. Gul’daniel called up his side hoe Cordona to tell him he’d need someone to pick him up once he lands in Azeroth. Don Archimondé fell before the gang and made them believe they bested him and took that chance to transport Gul’daniel into our world. With everyone thinking they had stopped the legion I waltzed home to Azeroth, I knew once the Vault had been breached, we would be called to help, and I would be reunited with my beloved, I just need to grab some more staples for my mask.

Fourteen months past as I awaited the plan to move into phase two until finally Khadgar took flight as he had heared of an invasion at the Vault of the Wardens. I offered to go with him, but he said no, the demon hunters had been realised and it was far too dangerous and that Druid powers would be of no use in this situation. I stayed undercover knowing I would soon be sent to clean up after them. Now im not going to say the whole legion invasion wasn’t my fault, but it takes two to tango so come on Gul’daniel takes some of the blame. Because this little plot ended up in a full blown intergalactic war. People died, family’s were torn apart, I think some vodo troll guy died after sitting on a chair or something, idk. But you gotta admit, my plan worked. Khadgar sent for us to retake the vault but upon inspection…Illidan was gone. Its been to many nights without him. The hunt is on