So after talking about my own backstory to my characters with a friend I decided to have it down on paper and share it! This is fan-fiction about my own characters so if you don't like it that's okay! And I know people have issues with characters having interactions with major lore characters so if you don't like that, there's a bit of it in this! So sorry. If your all cool enjoy! This sums up the start of their story, there's much more to come leading all the way up to Teldrasil and I intend to have the rest of it written soon..ish...Enjoy!!

Tale of Three Sisters: War of The Ancients

The three elf sisters were born over 10,000 years ago prior to The War of The Ancients. Their roles were similar to most elves taking part in the war. The eldest had long silver locks, with purple markings on her face in the shape of a leafs. Prior to the war she was a rouge, stalking the woods and using her natural affinity to sticking to the shadows and blending in for hunting and gathering. Her younger sister was a tad shorter bearing the same hair but cut short, her markings were purple too but in the shape of scars from her eyes. Prior to the war she was a powerful mage, serving in the Moongaurd, and proud of it. Finally the youngest was much shorter than the other too, bearing blonde hair at a medium length. She was a priest but had spent less and less time on her practices and more time on perfecting her appearance as the highborne had taken a liking to her, most notably her husband to be who was highborne. While not rich beyond her wildest dreams, she saw him as a gateway to a new status. The three sisters all had vastly different views on the world. The eldest respected the cycle of the world, the middle child wanted to change the world with power, and the youngest, through status and political control. But all three would see their views changed during the war of the ancients. Hordes of demons poured through the Well of Eternity. The Middle child was taken to the front lines as part of the Moongaurd. The eldest fought along side the treants and Wild Gods summoned by the first mortal druid Malfurion, while the youngest found herself caught on the wrong side. Demons marched through her home and gardens, she knew she couldn't stay here, but an attempt to escape to the other side could see her killed. As the war progressed the Moongaurd were sent to defend The Blackrook Hold. The hold was being overrun, and so few Moongaurd were sent, while Illidan was with them, she was afraid. So she did what anyone would do. She ran.
As the eldest fought with beasts and the treants she found the forces of nature moving to her will. Her power was weak but as her enemies attempted to dodge the stabs and swipes of her daggers, the vines and roots in the ground latching onto them, holding them in place. She didn't quite understand it, but she wasn't going to question and advantage right now. The youngest sister had spotted something worrying, a strike team led by a pit lord had started moving toward Blackrook. She was an inside spy, unable to report on any movements, she had overheard how the Moongaurd were mounting a weak defense of the Hold and how they could easily break them with numbers. She had to act fast to save her sister. The priest ran to the balcony and began drawing on the overflowing power of the well, this was her first time, and the power was far too much for her. She tried hard to concentrate the power on the strike team, smiting most of them down, and slowing the rest to a crawl. But she couldn't take it. Before the highborne guards or demons even had a chance to strike her down she exploded with power shattering the balcony beneath her, plummeting to the ground. She fel in peace, thinking her actions had saved her sister. Soon Malfurion made the plan known to the eldest sister to destroy the well, she couldn't leave until she knew her younger sisters were safe. Illidan had returned with a strange Green creature. At this moment her informed of the Holds defence, and the death of the Moongaurd. The eldest sister didn't have time to grieve her sister, she slipped into the shadows and followed Illidan and Malfuiron to the well. Once there she broke away from them and headed towards the palace, searching for her sister, the forces of nature were much less helpful around this area, she found herself missing her targets frequently. However after long she found her sisters home, and felt the overwhelming power. Peering over the balcony she saw her body, but the spark of life still flickered in her, something demons would have trouble sensing. Her attention quickly was switched as she looked up at the skys, to see felbats, dragons felgaurds and more horrors burning the sky's. All this life was about to be undone, she would not let her sister be consumed by it too. She leapt to the ground, picked up her sister and ran. Malfurion was drawing the attention of most of the demons, so she could slip away fast.

At least two of the sisters would be safe. Meanwhile the middle sister had not done her duty, and she would be thankful for this after learning what Illidan had done at the Hold, however she had traded a swift death for something much more horrifying. The demons on route to the hold had caught her fleeing. There was a special place for enemies that wouldn't have the honour to fight. The demons gave her a choice, serve, or a lifetime of torture. In a moment of fear she chose serve, and her eyes were burnt out of her sockets, replaced with fel green burning vision. She didn't get the luxury of defecting back to the mortals. She was taken back to Argus, and forced to serve.

The Aftermath

The eldest and youngest sister had escaped along with the other refugees, however they were changed. The eldest started as one of Malfurions pupils, learning to control and understand the forces of nature, soon becoming among the first of the mortal druids.
Meanwhile her sister took a long time to recover, even when she did, her magic addiction was uncontrollable. Malfurion had a put a ban on the use of Arcane magic. However many still used it, herself included. She couldnt help it, the withdrawals had sometimes been fatal at this level of addiction. After one too many instances of reckless magic uses from a huge amount of the population, Malfurion exiled anyone who wished to continue using it. The eldest sister begged her to give up magic but she knew it was best to go with them, she had always been different to her other sisters, this had set it in stone in her mind. She sailed for new lands with who she believed to be her people.
Life for the middle sister was much worse. While the invasion of Azeroth had failed, many more invasions were ongoing, she was sent to countless worlds to participate, the only thought that allowed her to keep slaughtering is that one day, there would be an invasion of Azeroth again, and perhaps she could run interference, or defect. That day would come, but she would have defected before it came.