This is a continuation of the story of my Three in game personas, if you haven't read the first part go check it out dummy! This part established what they were up to from after the War of the Ancients all the way up to the time leading into Legion! Its important to know where they are and where they have been to understand how their dealing with the current events!

Thousands of years after the burning legion invaded, many wars occurred on Azeroth. The two Azeroth bound sisters did not cross paths during these wars and played a similar role to most soldiers. The eldest continued her mastery over the forces of the wild. Becoming a high ranking member of the Cenarian Circle, while the youngest started delving into the darker side of priesthood, testing out summoning Shadow fiends and Mind-benders. Over time she would grow much stronger in the void, but it was the scourge invasion which led her deep into the void. Arthas Menithil Marched on the city of Silvermoon, he would use this attack as a display of power, by cutting a scar in the land all the way through the city, to prove no defence could repel him. The day Sylvannas Windrunner fell in battle the Priest knew the battle was lost. She began trying to tear a rift into the void, anything she could do to escape. She was successful, but she was no master of the void, once she entered the rift she would not be able to leave it for some time.

Meanwhile the Burning legion was almost ready for a full scale invasion. The middle sister wished to join them in this invasion, to see her home once more, but she was denied the request by Archimonde himself. Instead she would be sent to the broken world of Dranor, to reinforce the Demon Magtheridons hold on the land. She detested the idea of not being able to go home to see her loved ones again, but Magtheridon was a demon she could undermine, while Archimonde had the power to kill her, Magtheridon could be defeated. After awhile on Outland word reached the black temple that Illidan stormrage had arrived on the planet, and that he had raised an army that marched for the black temple. It had been 10,000 years since she saw one of her own kind, this was her one chance. She offered to lead the vanguard, claiming she knew how elves think, she would be key to stopping them. Magtheridon hesitantly agreed and allowed it. She lead a small force of demons to the front gates and when met with Illidans army she burst into demonic flames, bearing wings and claws she mowed down the demons at her side and flew to Illidans side. Claiming to have fought with him in the war of the ancients. It had seemed Illidan went through a similar transformation, but he was somehow able to retain his metamorphosis form permanently. Together they rushed the temple and claimed Outland. There Illidan told her of the legions intentions, how they had burned countless worlds, destroyed the spark of life and cleaved whole worlds in two. She had a choice, if she wants to go home Illidan would allow it and do everything in his power to get here there...or she can fight the true war, in hope that it never reaches Azeroth again. She made her choice and was instrumental in multiple assaults of legion worlds by having insider knowledge of the legions plans already in motion.

A time would soon come when she would be inches from her sister again, but unable to speak to her. The dark portal opened and the races of Azeroth poured through once more. However The middle child had made her choice, she would continue her fight. As their blood elf and Naga allies both began betraying them and were killed by the mortal races, Illidan put his plan into motion. The Illidari would assault Mardum, while he deals with them, she told Illidan.."if you see my sister...grant her a swift death" and so she went. The assault on Mardum was a complete success and they secured the Keystone, but they returned to a trap and they were frozen in their own blood. She saw her older sister, marching away, here eyes were so old, but her own...were unrecognisable She had finally returned to Azeroth..her a prisoner...locked away in the vault of the wardens. Where she would wait for years, knowing full well what the legion was planning, unable to prevent it. Everyday she prayed for her older sisters death and to see her younger sister again, alive.

The eldest sister continued serving as a typical hero of Azeroth, fighting the "good fight", defeating evils as they threatened her. She felt powerful, strong and with every foe she killed it made her feel more right. Blissfully unaware of the true fight, and how weak she really was.
The youngest sister still remained inside the rift between worlds, consuming void energies, it warped her very form. Over time more of her kind found their way into the rift, but none of them knew how to escape. They would try and help each other however they could, but none of them fully understood the void. Something the sister did start to understand from her time in the rift is that the void wasn't what she had been told about. It wasnt all consuming, all corrupting. She had the same addiction the Arcane as she did to the Void. Over time she became very disconnected from Azeroth and sceptical of its history, the first step to fighting this addiction would be to understand it. Help would arrive a few years later, after the Legions final invasion of Azeroth,