May 16, 2011

Today we've released version 0.3 which brings only small upgrades to the frontend, but changes a lot on the backend. We are now ready for Nooks (0.4), a simple Karma system is now tracking user relationships and with Posts you can start to share and publish content.

The frontpage is still not done. What you see here is actually the Stream of the first nook created (called Development).

  • Network (NYI)
  • Membership (Actions: join, request, confirm, delete)
  • Stream
  • Post
  • Comments (updated to work with all content types)
  • Rating (completely rewritten, see below)
  • Publish (only basic functions)
  • Share
  • Rating (formerly Flags) now change the Karma between users and networks
  • Updated friendship actions
  • Changes to Wall and Feed controllers
  • Markdown integration
  • Updated backend structure