• Unholy
  • Reaping now also applies to Icy Touch.
  • Summon Gargoyle no longer costs Runic Power.
  • Gargoyle Strike now deals Shadow and Nature damage (was Nature only).
  • Ebon Plaguebringer now causes Plague Strike to inflict Frost Fever, in addition to its other effects.

Ok nerds and nerdlets lets jump into awesome nerd analyzing that we all love. Theory crafting time!

*** Reaping now also applies to Icy Touch
(short verdict for people who do not want to read - great)
I like this change for a few reasons.**

First of all UH never had single frost rune conversion skill and now we have it. It will be amazing! There were so many times where we would just sit on frost runes and just use them for chains of ice runic power gain rather than converting it to death to apply a few Necros. UH's priority is shoving necros up the target's throat until it chokes from it and this chain is great in that regards.

This change as many of you figured out further puts a HUGE important on offensive dispelling via icy touch glyph. I definately think it will be a time for us to take out our big icy touch glyphs and make those pesky mages, resto shamans, priests cry. I am still not a big fan of dispelling hots from druid if druid has lots of life bloom stacks but if the druid is trying to multi hot dispelling rejuves will definately help us with out pressure.

Couple things: Death Advance is further going down the path of being useless because we will need chill bains for icy touch to be viable. Opening rotation could be icy touch plague strike festering + blood boil and vualya we will et all our death runes rolling. This change will truly help us with our necro stacking quite a bit. Of course the value of death advance further dimishes with that.

Thing that needs testing:
You know in my pressure master video for RBGs as UH DK you can blood boil a death rune that is sitting on frost's rune space and the death rune will just keep rolling into death rune once again. Sort of refreshing your death rune on frost's rune spot via blood boil. Question is if we icy touch death rune that is on the blood rune, will the death rune remain and refresh itself or will icy touch simply use death rune and convert it back to blood rune?
Fingers crossed I hope it works just as blood boil for frost as icy touch will work for blood rune's spot. What that will mean? It will mean we can simply use our death runes to refresh death runes, clean the target from all shields and hots and then hit it really hard with necros. By the time healer reapplies shields and hots back the target will be suffocating with necros and our diseases.

*** Summon Gargoyle no longer costs Runic Power.**

Quality of life change rather than a buff. About time I would say because we literally had to sacrifice almost 2 coils + 4 blood tap charges to put our garg. Also garg costing RP put a huge damp in our own follow up damage because of RP cost thus making counter pressure from UH DK a very hard thing to pull off. Change is great and we can easily force the team to get off our teammates by counter pressuring them.

What is counter pressure? Its when the target pops all its offensive cooldowns and you pop yours to force the target to come back to healer and get caught up on healing. Example: I was fighting 2180 ret hunter rshaman with my 2300+ Shadow Cleave this season and ret popped all his CDs on my me. I popped trinket + garg+ pet stun and strang on ret to force him to play Defensive. He almost croaked under pressure and was forced to bubble and get back to his rdruid to get caught up on healing. This way I saved my death pact CD that I needed 30 seconds later when both ret and hunter connected back on my DK with stampede + bestial wrath up.

*Gargoyle Strike now deals Shadow and Nature damage (was Nature only).

Further puts mastery on a priority list for UH DKs to use in PvP. I was mastery stacking at the end of cata and I am mastery stacking now. This change further increases a value for mastery in PvP and even PvE. Not much else to say it except for finally garg is not doing damage that is completely different from UH's theme. Nature damage wth? We are not a freaking green peace we are Death Knights!

*** Ebon Plaguebringer now causes Plague Strike to inflict Frost Fever, in addition to its other effects.**
Ok this change is badass and a bit mongoloidy.

Mongoloidy in PvE as it over simplifies our rotation.
Badass in PvP for a few reasons.
We can use outbreak early in a fight to put diseases up, this season I am using my Outbreak to refresh diseases with all procs up and I think that now we can actually start a fight with outbreak and jump into causing pressure right off the start with 2 scourge strikes and 2 festering. When we will need to refresh our diseases we can simply use plague strike. Only thing I can say it is worth holding onto your out break is vs spell cleaves as sometimes you need to use outbreak to refresh your diseases at ranged.

Lastly it is a huge buff for us in RBGs when it comes to disease application and spreading both Icy touch and Plague strike changes.

Now a few things about this change. Again cull blains will be by far the best talent in T3 because we will need either have outbreak cause snare or plague strike cause snare right off the start.

Lastly it is use vs rogues as we can apply both diseases while they are cloaked!!! it is amazing and with chill blains we can actually snare them as well assuming no bugs with 1 simple plague strike.

Overall these are not damage buffs but more of a quality of life changes making our rotation in PvE a lot easier and in PvP a bit more convoluted I think it will further help us in our quest for killing people and making them rage quit.
Things that we need is prolly lower CD on strangulate and higher absorption from glyph of death coil. 16k per coil is absolutely laughable. if we get those I get the feeling we will be in a pretty good shape in Arena.

On the other hand I am scared of rogues right now. The buffs they are getting are too strong and rogue;s burst is absolutely amazing.