(for those lazy assholes out there read the **BOLD **parts if you do not have time to read the whole post)
Hey there guys a lot of people asked me to help them with their youtube channel and how they can become a better youtubers. Granted I am not the most successful youtuber out there, and I still think of myself as a relatively small youtuber, but nevertheless I still have a feeling that I can contribute a lot to the community regarding youtube and how to be good at what you do.

First of all look at my stats:

Compared to most youtubers even 2x my subscriber size I get more views a day than them, and I would like to give credit about that to my audience for staying loyal and keep on watching my videos. In this guide I will walk you guys through on how to gain audience and how to keep them interested!

I will be talking about Content today. Next week I am thinking of making Blog about youtube operations

Now I will be giving you my tips. There are a few things I could be doing myself to attract audience for wrong reasons: like putting half naked ass and then playing wow game like a retard, but I do not believe in deceiving people with thumbnails just so I could get more traffic. I could also be doing some retarded troll things also but as I always said to my followers. I want them to think "Reinhart just made a new video! I wonder whats it about!" instead of "Oh another troll video with boring and weird humor." (yes I know my rants are .... cute? eh nvm they are weird and boring!)

I am thinking of doing some cool things with league of legends but I need to find a few youtubers to collab with. If you are interested msg me here on anook.

Back to content:
First of all you need to figure out the direction of your channel. When I started I wanted to make a great instructional channel where people would come to watch to get better at their game, and also provide them with some entertainment. The way I look at it for youtube its Entertainment > Gameplay > random ass vids.

When you will be making your channel or you already have your channel up try to figure out what exactly would you want to do with your channel. Find its direction and find a way to portray this to your audience. Problem with doing same videos about your gameplay is that its very monotone. People ask me to rate their arena videos, and their channel but if all I see is arena, after arena, after arena after arena ... people will get bored. If your video is not any different from the previous one what is the reason for your subscribers to come back and watch it?

This is what I noticed - most of successful youtubers have 2-3 different themes going in their videos. Try to find the way for yourself.

Are you high rated? Yes - help people get there. (I got 7 people gladiators from watching my videos and I do not think any WoW player can take pride in this) Teach people, walk them through your gameplay and what you will get in return is loyal audience.

Are you high Rated? No - no problem. There are lots of youtubers that are very successful and not high rated. What you will need to do in return then is think of how you can engage your audience. Make a series - road to 2200, and suprisingly enough people will try to help you. They will also give you lots of props of getting there all on your own. Find the ways to entertain your audience.

**DO NOT LIE ABOUT YOUR RATINGS! **The thing I see is some youtubers do false advertising about their ratings yet they cannot even break 2.2k and get their T2. Nothing makes me laugh more when a "gladiator" youtuber shows you 1500 MMR footage.

Be honest and truthful to your audience and they will repay you back by being loyal and supportive.

**Show people your personality! ** If you followed my channel you know sometimes I usually go HAM on something I do not like about gaming industry. I either rant about the game or some person doing something shady (weather they are too big or too small it does not matter). I also love DOT mechanics and I call them AIDS, I think its kinda funny. I am an innovator of AIDS in gaming! But if you look into this - those are direct reflection of my personality in my channel. When people come to my channel and they click on video they expect "Yo guise" and "Dosvidaniya". They expect me to not fluff crap up, roll up my sleeves and tell them like it is. What I like, what I do not like, how I play, what I do. They know my play style and they take a small portion of it and keep it with them.

Do the same thing! Now I am not telling you to declare war on every youtuber out there, but find the way for people to get to know your personality. Have you ever heard of being too nice, bland and boring won't get you anywhere with ladies? Well the same thing applies here! If you do not have a personality to portray to your audience what is the reason for them to come back and watch the videos. **DO NOT BE A DULL, NICE PERSON **who makes same videos all the time. Work it babe! Get your personality going and its better to start now than later.

**DO NOT FORCE YOURSELF TO BE FUNNY AND SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT. ** This is also big one. I see a lot of people in their early twenties, late teens talk about how ganksta they are and how they get lots of "chicks" just to make some of naive younger audience view them in a different way from what they are. Yet when they finally upload their webcam VLOG, they have posters of star wars and batman in their apartment that they share with their roommates - mom, and dad, they look like a scare crow from wizard of ox, and the only chicks they probably got are chickens at their grandpa / grandma farm.

Be truthful and work hard on yourself. Nobody is perfect, and its better to have your subscribers respect you for what you are rather than have a bunch of randoms viewing you for what you aren't. I am only a human being and I am trying my best to get better. I got fatter due to bad diet, and excessive partying and now I am working on getting my ass back on tredmill. Be honest once you get what you want in your life people will respect you and look up to you.

Now I know this is mostly abstract post and something my audience is not used to viewing from me due to how analytical I usually make my posts, nevertheless I think this is something I wanted to share with you guys.

I hope this helps to all smaller youtubers out there.