First of all read everything, I am not making any short cuts for anybody here because this nerdgasmic post will be similar to mathematics where its hard to understand last paragraphs with out reading first. Also this blog will be posted as a video very soon. The only thing I ask for is do not make any videos about any information that will be typed here in the instructional blog BEFORE I release this video myself or I will rant, HARDLY!

Ok lets get started with UH DKs. This the core problem for most people that failed at UH. I was doing 2s at roughly 1900 MMR (was fighting multi glad warrior / paladin as a DK HPally) and I was on a skype call with one of DKs who decided to purchase some of the lessons to increase his gameplay. I was streaming everything privately. I asked him of course if he would mind if I would make a blog about what we were talking about here and he said he would not mind at all. So lets get started.

His main concern was how will he win against warriors in 2v2, 3v3, or duels.

The first question I asked him and I am going to ask you is: What is Unholy? When you picture Unholy Death Knight how do you picture that spec, gameplay / play style, your role?

The guy was stunned because he expected me to show him a hidden road with a forbidden UH DK knowledge :) and the first thing I asked him was just the basic question What is UH DK?

So he answered pretty accurately: Death Knight spec that spreads diseases, builds necrotics, commands pet, and does mediocre damage with spells (death coil).

It is a great question and answer. Try to ask / answer this yourself. For people who followed my channel you guys usually know I love simplicity. Things are meant simple, the moment human being starts putting their corrupt things into simplicity we have politics and other crap arise. ADD ftw lets go back to the topic. The question and answer in fact is something that can help 95% of UH DKs out there.

Before I give it to the depth of the question / answer thing here is the last meta game change for UH DKs. First of all I will tell you that I absolutely LOVE my UH DK right now way more than Cata and the funniest thing even though they are "considered" in the worse shape compared to the other UH DKs. So lets talk here: Cata UH DK - Spam Necros, Spam Necros, Spam Necros let the other DPS assist you with killing your target. MOP UH DK has a bit different meta game here he has to correctly build necros, multi DOT and also have indirect finisher. Because UH finally got its cool AOE DOT Pressure toys baseline compared to last season where UH Pretty much had either go for utility/ single target damage or go AOE DOT Spec. Also in comparison UH's Pet has comparative damage reduced but our baseline DOT damage have been increased. This is why a lot of UH DKs fail right not since they went from fulfilling 1 main role - stacking necros to trying to fulfil multiple roles at the same.

Now to the answer:
So he answered pretty accurately: Death Knight spec that spreads diseases, builds necrotics, commands pet, and does mediocre damage with spells (death coil).

Next question I asked him: Does UH DK exceeds in any of the things you listed here?

The question kinda stumbled him and he kinda mumbled something I could not fully understand. So I had to ask him something more specific:

Is UH DK as good in melee as warrior? Is UH DK is as good DOT Class as a UA Warlock? is UH DK's pet as strong as BM Hunter's pet? Does UH have the best finisher?

The obvious answer was - NO! we are a hybrid class.

There is sort of an invisible level, a line to how good we can perform and thats line is PvE. The reason why UH DK does not do as much melee damage as a warrior because if he would than in PvE he would also have extra pet, disease, and spell damage that would put him far ahead warrior on DPS. So lets say the range of DPS blizzard is looking for right now is 110-120k DPS so in order to balance it out for UH we have a lot of indirect and a lot of small number damage going around which infact put together could be just as effective as warrior if played right.

This is where everything comes in together:
If you are weaker than warrior in Melee then why are you trying to melee him all the time? If you are weaker than a caster at damage then why are you trying to kite as much? ETC...

The problem with a lot of UH DK players is that you ARE NOT a warrior, you are not a caster, or a DOT class, you are not 100% fully pledge pet class, you are all of them combined and in fact you have to know all of those roles in order to be an effective UH DK.

People call me pussy all the time when I kite rogues or warriors in 1v1 on my UH DK but the fact is till there - If I could win in melee vs warrior or a rogue what would be a point of me kiting?

The problem why UH DKs can't compete with warriors in 1v1, 2v2,3v3 is because of 2 things 1 - they play like warrior, or they are a former Frost DK who has pretty much 1 role again - tunnel as much damage in melee as you can with occasional HBs at ranged and they go from a spec that takes 1-2 roles top to a spec that has 3-5 roles built in it. 2 - lack of skill. . .

When you are playing your UH DK treat him like UA lock, Like hunter, like warrior, like caster he has a lot of different things going for him and he does not excell at 1 particular thing. If you are not in melee with warrior - warrior loses 99% of his damage, you however lose 1 of your roles (granted its your primary). When I am fighting warriors, rogues I kite constantly with my diseases up and the window between runes.

Runes are another thing that is basically a primary glue to all of those roles for UH DK. Runes do melee damage / pressure and apply dots from which they generate runic power and enabling you to become a caster DPS with elements of beast master hunter (garg + engraged pet HUUUURT!!!). Here is the thing - we do not have most amazing rune management systen - essentially we will run out of runes and nothing you can do about it. So in those times what you need to do is to kite the warrior even in arena, if you have way too much runes available and you and your partner trying to get to mage but you cant - then switch and burn the crap out of those runes! Thats the UH Play style thats the hybrid everyone is talking about and thats where I will do a lot more videos showing you how those multiple play styles incorporate together.

FYI trust me state of the art UH DK rune management video is also coming!