OK i would like to apologize to the community. I spent about 25 hours playing it got in tournaments alone. and yeah not many thiefs out there who know what they are doing. killing them was actually relatively easy.
The problem is bunker builds. OMFG man i though phantasms were OP (which they are for a fire and forget mechanic). But boy the developers in PvP are completely clueless if they haven’t fixed bunker builds yet. How long was this in a game for? They seriously need to tone down condition cleansing for eles, guardians and engineers. This is absolutely absurd how much damage mitigation and condition removal those specs have while dishing out relatively good pressure.
This is embarassing for anybody who wants to say they play this game proudly. Like I said before (and good i was hard on a review) this game is not worth purchase for PvP content only.
MMR broken
Premades vs Pugs
Bunker builds
Some overtuned abilities (heartseeker, null void) need toning down.
No arenas,
Only node capping maps.
Poor excuse for MMO PvP even though the game has a far more potential to than WoW from PvP perspective. This is actually very very sad that developers did amazing job with this game. AMAZING. Combat feels 10x more fluid and live than WoW. Much more interesting game. Literally a skillfull play can make you 2-3x more durable.
I feel like developers put like 90% effort and its amazing, and the 10% left that needs work and they for some reason too stuborn to impalement it.
Whoever is working on balancing this game needs to get his head straight and actually do what he is getting paid for.
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PLEASE for the love of god Developers head our cries and work on a freaking PvP. Stop being lazy get our feedback. Trust me once you burn out whats left of your loyal fan base PvP will hit of no return point in this game.