Ok so lets get right into it. I have roughly about 20 minutes to make a blog about Death Knight comps and sort of rank them on their strength and then top glad count viability.

Soooooo lets get started:

Lets talk about our beloved mongo no skill required comps:

Dk R Healer
Death Knight Rogue Healer (preferably disc) Due the the amount of CCs possible on the healer, DK's burst I think this comp will easily make a major come back like season 9. Why disc priest? because they have a good amount of CCs, offensive dispell and yeah they do not die unless its UH DK whaling on them for a good amount of time with out peels.
Forst Better


I get the feeling that windwalkers could be a potentially great replacement for warriors due to basically having everything that warriors had in 5.1 plus gag order. Monks do not have I 1 shot mechanics not that I know off. I know mastery stacking monks can do wonders but I would still rank their burst lower than shadow dance or a Swifty's recklessnessNESS. So basically I think that this comp can do really well especially vs high burst teams that this upcoming season will be filled with. Anybody else like getting openered! RMP says "HI!". But this comp surprisingly will do very well vs RPS/RPD RMP Whatever Rrrrrr. Due to having AMZ + Ring of peace. Basically I think they both monk and DK can good care of each other and thats why I am having a good thoughts about this cleave (hpally pref.) Can work with both UH or Frost as this is more of a sustain damage dealing comp.


Hunters duuu DAMUUGE with their cute pets, MM hunters do not tickle anymore, they can actually molest now (they literally got license to molest by blizzard). So yeah hunter DK healer will work very well. Rogues might be a problem but with good hunter cycling his pets and sacs this should be fine. can work both UH or Frost.

Now here is the thing. With BM hunter this comp is a joke. I ran it, won vs multi rank 1 players KFC. This comp is literally easy as hell.

With MM hunter due to LOS possibility and DK having to enable hunter to do damage and more of a positioning complexity PHDk with MM is not that mongoloidy.


Wull. I mean warriors carried us in 5.1 now isn't it time to take care of them back?! Screw that they took our JOBS! On a serious note though I think that TSG should be fine it will have same burst but over all more sustain and warrior will be more squishy Among all Mongoloid cleaves I would rank this one the lowest to be honest. DK can be both Frost or UH

Now there are other comps possible like ebola and other crap but I just get the feeling those would be represented below these comps and I really do not feel like typing over .8% represented comps or some shit.

Now lets talk about comps that take SHkills to play:

For these comps I think UH DKs are going to be stronger mainly due to multi dot synergy and also execute.

UH Play Healer

SPriest UH DK + Healer prolly could be potentially strongest and the funny thing it will work really well with the Resto Druid this upcoming season. I think this comp is better a bit that UH DK Lock because SPriest's utility box still surpassing UA Lock's but never the less Lock can go Demoor do more damage so not 100% Sure.

Shadow Cleave
Will be a lot stronger due to the fact that it is getting 30 seconds stun and trust me thats a lot from DKs perpsective. Soul Reaper into Asphixiate anyone?! Can't wait. Locks losing some of their control but gaining some surviviability vc cleaves due to passive 10% damage reduction (we lost 3% armor mitigation I Know) and lock's blood horror which is actually really nice. So I would rank this is 2nd best comp

Zombie Chicken Cleave - with boomkin's getting some major awesome buffs (crickets........) Yes 2 extra seconds on Clone, Cenarion Ward a bit of a damage boost, you better believe they will do very well. I ran it with my friend to 2200 this season on KT with KFC infested battle group and my friend finally got his 2.2k achievement. Was awesome, fun comp lots of aids, surprisingly very easy to run. I think this comp can prove to be really strong.

Liberty Cleave - how is it named liberty cleave I have no idea, but I this is going to be the last one on my list I think that this comp overall will be relatively strong but DKs and Mages do not mix all that well together so I think this comp could be glad viable, definately 2.2k viable but it will be at disadvantage.

Ok so those were listed by the easiness to get 2200 and I sperated them between cleaves and actual cool ass comps. Now for glad viability will see I am not sure yet. I would take top 2-3 of each list and tell that those are definately glad viable comps.