Yo guise tis Reinhart... Your favorite Russian talking. And today we will be talking about Aids.. I mean dots. (not meaning to offend anyone but for some reason I always called DOTs - Aids)
This is going to be a blog about DOT classes and I love them so much, what are the advantages and disadvantages of DOT classes.

First I am going to say why I love DOT classes - Indirect damage - meaning the damage that is there but is simply unseen by your opponent. Dots have been notoriously known for being a very sneaky mechanics that grinds down the players and usually by the time they realize what is killing them it is already too late.

Personally I love the freedom that DOT classes provide. The freedom to do damage and focus on everything else out there.

Lets take a closer look at what DOT classes are good and bad at:


1) Higher awareness, freedom. Now I know a lot of people would argue here but personally I think I have a lot more awareness as Affi lock than as a demo or destro simply due to the ability of the DOT class to focus on control and positioning while the dots are ticking.

DOTs are sort of fire and forget mechanic not that a BIG fire and forget mechanic because DOTs have limited timer but once they are there on a target what else is there to do than to control, set up a kill, position yourself at your advantage?

2) Multi Target Pressure. Another reason why I love dots because in most MMOs DOTs have a very fast application and decent spread (talking about WoW Rift and SWTOR). Due to the possibility of multi DOTing DOT classes usually strive in the environment with limited healing due to their spread pressure

3) Dispell Protection - a lot of DOT classes in MMOs have dispell protection - due to the fact that DOT classes do not have any upfront burst it is essential for them to let their damage sink in. Thats why classes like Affi Lock, SPRiest, (Warlock RIFT) have really good dispell protection that combined with their own CCs or CCs from the other classes further secures your own team's dominance.

4) Synergy! DOT classes have an amazing synergy with either really high burst Damage Dealer like mages, or High sustain damage dealer like DKs, or semi hybrid SPriests. What essentially DOTs do is give an opportunity for your teammate to solo a healer or other DPS with just your plain DOT applications.

1) Lack Dispell protection - DOT classes that lack dispell protection usually find themselves running very limited comps and usually those are heavily combined with the classes that do provide dispell protection. EX Boomkins, Ele

2) Worse in Duels... DOTs are lower Damage. Notoriously known for DOT classes lacking the burst. So therefore if DOT class is fighting a burst class that a burst class has a straight up advantage in 1v1 fight. For example: Affi Lock vs Mages, or basically anything right now. DOT classes that have their primary focus on just DOTs usually ended up being weaker in 1v1 situations. This came from experience of multiple MMOs for me.

3) Healer outhealing?! Another biggest problem for DOTs is that they could be completely useless and they are havily dependent on enemy's healing capability. For example: if the burst in the game is too high than the burst healing should be really high as well. This in fact penalizes DOT classes due to the severe lack of burst and the heaving healing output from healers. In other words DOTs strive in the environment with limited healing or low coefficient healing and usually DOT classes are weak in the environment of high burst healing.

4) Lack of focus in PvP. DOT classes rely on DOTS........ No seriously! If the single target DPS is asking for a DOT class to focus his damage on his target - while it could potentiall bring a bit more pressure single target damage wise, DOT class will measly utilize like 20-30% of his class's potential. Nothing frustrates me more as SPRIEST, or AFFI Lock in RBGs is to call out targets because DOT Classes have to be spinning, corrupting, and basically spreading their aids across the entire enemy team.

DOT classes are amazing, they are very fun to play just simply because there is always a lot to do, having higher awareness and not being completely dependent on their globals to do damage is a great blessing in the PvP environment. Unfortunately lack of burst and the levels of enemy healing could prove that playing DOT class can be extremely frustrating.

Use them on your own risk :)

Da Russian is out!