There's a video (linked below) that I just saw that's travelling around, saw it on Kotaku, most recently and it just brought this topic to mind. Seriously, what happened to sportsmanship? The video shows pro CoD players screaming obscenities at each other, smack-talking, and just being (to borrow the term from LoL) toxic. I don't fall for this business of 'psyching out' your opponent or trying to 'get in their head'; that's just excuses for bad attitude.

Obviously CoD isn't the only place where this happens, you can go find rage videos for any game that utilizes online communication, voice or text. WoW arena and raid rage, LoL players screaming at their teammates, CoD players using the foulest (albeit most creative) language I've ever heard. Starcraft is one of the few places I've not seen a lot of rage from, but then again, who knows what happens in those post-game messages?

This is one of the major reason I happen to love Anook. We treat this place like home, a place where you can relax and be comfortable, not have a bunch of vitriol and elitism shoved in your face. Anyway, short little blog, because I had to get that off my chest.