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AggroChat #96 - Good Grind Bad Grind

Tonight Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, Kodra, and Tam talk games that are particularly good at grinding... and those that aren't at all

Tonight we welcome back Grace to the fold as she has returned safely from her trips out into the hinterlands. Additionally it was a little close but we actually got Tam this week who finished his Infinity Tournament in crazy record time. As a result we talk a little bit about the new Infinity Tournament scoring system and his experiences. Then we delve into a length discussion about crafting systems.... but more importantly the way Warframe seems to make a mad amount of grinding seem completely reasonable. Then I finally manage to understand why people are so enthralled with Dragon Age Inquisition.... because I absolutely hit my click point. We also get into a long discussion about when grinds feel bad, talking about Limited Time Chase items in MMOs that stop dropping after a period of time. Finally we get into a discussion about Sleeping Dogs as Tam revisits it on his backlog list.


  • Infinity Tournament Scoring Rules
  • Warframe Crafting and Grinds
  • Warframe Sorties
  • Dragon Age Inquisition
  • Limited Time Chase Item Grinds
  • Sleeping Dogs
AggroChat #96 - Good Grind Bad Grind
Tonight Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, Kodra, and Tam talk games that are particularly good at grinding... and those …
AggroChat #49 - Road Trip Fantasies Type-0

Tonight we are joined by our normal cast of Belghast, Rae, Tam, Kodra and Ashgar as we devote the majority of the show to lots of different things Final Fantasy. We talk the release of the Final Fantasy XV Demo and how this has sent Tam back into the 90s. We talk Final Fantasy Type-0 and how we are enjoying this very different Final Fantasy Offering. We also talk about how the Final Fantasy franchise going to more "on rails" games turned several of us off the franchise for awhile. Ashgar beats Ori and the Blind Forest and talks a bit about his feelings regarding the ending. Tam talks about his enjoyment of Dreamfall Chapters and how it isn't really required that one has played the previous games. Rae talks about her new Noms website, where they plan on making a recipe a week and reflecting on what the various authors think of it.

I talk about my current funk with my World of Warcraft raid and how the frustrations there are harshing my enjoyment. We also delve into a deep session once again where we talk about the differences bertween WoW and FFXIV raiding. We also have a session of "Tam Told us So" now that the news about crafting specialization has taken some of the focus away from us all becoming Omni Crafters. I talk about my return lately to Elder Scrolls Online and the conversion to a Buy To Play system. I talk about a game I did not expect to like but find myself begrudgingly enjoying, and that is ZMR: Zombies Monsters Robots. Finally we close out the show with some discussion about the League Championship Series and the introduction of the new roaming support champion... Bard.