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Episode 24 - Dinklebot, The Duchess and Dating Sims

It was not until last nights stream that I had heard anyone refer to the Ghost in Destiny as the “Dinklebot”. Kodra credits Matt Lees as originating the term, but whoever did it… it is absolutely priceless. Not only does it clearly identify that the ghost is voiced by Peter Dinklage but it also adquately sums up just how useless the Ghost as a whole feels in the storyline. Last night once again we recorded AggroChat, and this week we had our regular cast of hosts Ashgar, Rae, Kodra and Tam. Destiny has caused so much angst that we started talking about it even before we went on air, and finally I had to say “guys, we should save this for the show”. This week a letter from the producer came out as well as some patch notes talking about upcoming changes to gameplay. We lead off the podcast by talking about these changes and how they personally effect us and our gameplay. I somehow doubt that any of us in particular will be mourning the loss of the loot cave.

From there I think we dove into Kodra and his morning stream of Hatoful Boyfriend. I tuned in when he met a bird that is totally reminiscent of the vespa riding mad woman from FLCL… except she drives REALLY slowly. Carve it into your soul! The game feels like it is complete madness… and also created using lots of clip art… and Christmas tunes. I commented in the stream that I think the game probably cost about $50 in shutterstock credit to make. The storyline is absolutely insane, so it is totally worth a watch. From there we dive into Trove and the Closed Beta gameplay that just started. Rae and I have been playing a ton of it, and we even managed to get Tam and Ash to try it out. Then things turn to our present obsession with Fallen London. I think everyone but Rae is currently madly playing this game.

Finally I give over the floor and let Tam, Rae, Ash and Kodra verbally faff about what is going on with League of Legends Worlds. At this point my eyes glaze over as while I enjoy playing League of Legends… I do not grasp the concept of watching other people play it yet. It was a good show that ran a bit longer than we had intended… but oh well. In a rush to tie things up, I totally forgot to do the where you could find us bit… so instead I recorded a snippet later telling folks to please leave comments either on our AggroChat Nook or the @Aggrochat twitter account. We apparently have some loyal listeners out there, and would love to hear from them. By the time I record the show and post it Saturday night, to the moment I get around advertising it Sunday morning… we generally have a couple dozen listeners. That seems like dedication to me.

Episode 23 - An Intimate of Devils

Originally Aired 9/21/2014

This week I am joined by our regular cast of Ashgar, Rae, Kodra and Tam. We talk FFXIV, Destiny, the sale of Minecraft to Microsoft, Fallen London and the Sunless Sea early access game, as well as some League Worlds discussion. In the game Fallen London the denizens of the Brass Embassy are Demons from the pit. I named this weeks episode an Intimate of Devils, because according to the game that is what their plural form is... and by some strange coincidence both myself and Kodra seem to have aligned ourselves to the Embassy. We run a bit longer than normal but there is quite a bit of good discussion in between.