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AggroChat #136 - Star Wars Gone Rogue

Tonight Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, Kodra and Tam talk a bunch of games... and then Star Wars Rogue One

This week we are recording a bit of a special show in that we have a bunch of gaming stuff to talk about… but also Rogue One happened. So as a result we are dividing the show in essentially two parts. The first part we talk about a bunch of gaming topics, and in the second part we give an intermission of sorts to let folks know we are about to delve into a spoilery discussion of the new Star Wars film… Rogue One. For those really cautious our spoilery discussion begins around 56 minutes into the podcast.

On the non-spoiler side of the table we talk about The Dawning event in Destiny and how awesome the Sparrow Racing League is. This causes a brief offshoot conversation about how we actually grip our controllers. A few of the crew have been playing Hex the digital CCG that many of us backed eons ago in kickstarter so there is some discussion about its current state. Bel talks about the Warcraft community Icecrown Challenge charity event. Bel also talks about his experiences playing Let it Die the Darksoulsian Rogue-Like set in a Neo Tokyo setting. Finally wrapping up the pre Star Wars discussion is some talk about the 2nd edition of the 7th Sea Pen and Paper game.

Topics Discussed - Destiny - The Dawning - Sparrow Racing League - Controller Grips - Hex - Hearthstone - World of Warcraft - Icecrown Challenge - - Let It Die - 7th Sea - Star Wars: Rogue One

AggroChat #136 - Star Wars Gone Rogue
This week we are recording a bit of a special show in that we have a bunch of gaming stuff to talk about... …
Episode 6 - Kickstarter Fatigue

Originally Aired 5/18/2014

This week Belghast, Kodra and Ashgar discuss lots of exciting topics, including the new League of Legends Champion Braum, The Wizards of the Coast vs Hex lawsuit and what it means for that game, the fatigue backers are feeling towards Kickstarters as well as the madness we have engaged in... namely in the form of the Final Fantasy 5 draft. Like always, lots of other meandering topics squeezed somewhere between.