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AggroChat #31 - Endless Legend of Draenor

Tonight I am joined by Ashgar, Kodra and Tam as we ramble ever onwards about video games and things related to those video games. Tonight we talk the supremely interesting 4X game Endless Legend... which if nothing else seems to have an endless thing of configuration options. We talk about Shadows of Mordor where we determine that it may in fact be a "Bel game" so long as I can suffer through the stealth places. Finally I unload about my recent waffle and subsequent return to World of Warcraft for the Warlords of Draenor expansion. All of which we expound upon at length in traditiona AggroChat style.

Episode 18 - Play What You Love

Originally Aired 8/17/2014

This week the fearless Kodra is off battling ponies at GenCon, so we are holding down the fort while he is gone. On this episode I am joined by Rae, Ashgar and Tam and we talk about a whole bunch of stuff. This was a busy week in gaming from GamesCom to the Blizzard Warlords Announcement to the SOE Live convention. We try and run down the things from each that stuck out in our minds. Towards the end of the podcast we delve into playing what you love and not apologizing for it. I think this is a new mantra we should all try to live by.

Episode 12 - Enter the Waffles

Originally Aired 6/29/2014

Kodra and Ashgar are not available this week so we are breaking in a brand new guest, or at least new to podcasting. Warenwolf is a longtime friend that dates back to the early days of World of Warcraft, and has been a part of the regularly nightly group for years. Additionally we have the return of our perineal "5th Man" Dallian and we are always happy to have him. Tonight we talk about the madness that is the Summer Steam sale as well as our experiences with Wasteland 2, Wildstar, Saints Row IV, 7 Days to Die and a bit about my experiences with the Warlords of Draenor beta.

Episode 11 - Flying Geek Flag High

Originally Aired 6/22/2014

This week we once again have the original cast of hosts. Tonight we talk about a bunch of different topics including a run down of Kodras trip to Origin, and some discussion that spun out of it relating to geek on geek shaming. At Aggrochat we don't judge and are proud to let our geek flags fly high. Also some talk about Warlords of Draenor Alpha and Wildstar.

Episode 9 - Exploring Wildstar

Originally Aired 6/8/2014

This week we actually have the full crew back and assembled. Kodra regales us with talk of his strategy for the My Little Pony card game, as he is planning on competing next week at Origins with a few decks. We talk a bit about the WoW Warlords of Draenor Alpha release and the apparent absense of an NDA. The bulk of the show however is us breaking down Wildstar and how exactly we feel about the game. Finally in apparently a new feature Kodra, Rae and Ashgar talk about the recent LCS games while I stand around confused. This week we are featuring Belghast, Ashgar, Rae, and Kodra.