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AggroChat #75 - Diamond Jubilee

This week we had Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, Kodra and Thalen. Tam was jet setting around the country but should be back next week. It seems pretty insane that this is already our 75th show. Being our Diamond Jubilee of a sort I am swapping up our introduction a bit in an effort to make it easier to see precisely what games we happen to talk about on a given show. Without further delay here are the games we discussed this week on AggroChat.

Jigoku Kisetsukan
Final Fantasy Record Keeper
Final Fantasy XIV 3.1 Delay
Fallout New Vegas
Mario Maker
Magic the Gathering: Battle For Zendikar
Diablo 3
Disney Infinity 3.0
The Force Awakens Hype
Mass Effect 2
Star Wars the Old Republic
Black Mirror

AggroChat #75 - Diamond Jubilee
This week we had Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, Kodra and Thalen. Tam was jet setting around the country but should …
AggroChat #47 - Scrabble is for Olds

Last night is another case of us sitting down, saying we had nothing to talk about... and then ending up talking for an hour and a half about everything imaginable. We talked about Ashgar and the insanity he is currently going through working on his Relic Novus in Final Fantasy XIV. We talked my recent journey back into Bravely Default and how that game requires a certain measure of degenerate play to defeat encounters after a certain point. We talk about Tam's brush with near death as he decides that no one should ever be bit by a Black Widow spider because it hurts like hell. I talk about my experiences in Blackrock Foundry and the World of Warcraft selfie toy filling up my twitter feed. I talk about hitting level 80 on my first character in Guild Wars 2... and how empty it feels since the last 15 levels or so were essentially given to me for logging in daily.

Our longest discussion however that spawned the quote that I am using for the title of this show was about board games and miniature gaming. We talk about "long" board games, those taking several hours to play out... and the frustration of having to devote that much time to a game you are essentially "behind the curve" in the entire time. We talk about games that require less time to get into and play, and that can be played for a number of times in a single evening. This also spawns a discussion into miniature gaming talking about the problems with Warmachine and Warhammer 40k contrasted with some of the strengths of Infinity. As always it is a long rambling discussion between a bunch of friends, and since you apparently like that as AggroChat listeners... then this should be a banner episode.