Tonight Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, Kodra and Tam talk Pokemon and a whole list of other topics.

Tonight we got a bit of late start, but once things got rolling we recorded a proper show. Last week we had pushed off the topic of Pokemon Sun and Moon because we literally ran out of time. We start recording around 9 pm CST and when it is past midnight… we know we are in trouble. So we talk a bit about the game and things that folks have noticed about it. Several of us are not terribly far along… others have beaten the game. Grace talks about her addiction to Justice Monsters Five and how no other games really matter at all.

Bel goes on a discussion about his feelings about various streaming options and why he is moving towards Beam. Bel talks about how this is the year that he stopped browsing steam, because there is just too much random stuff out there. This spawns a conversation about games that get lost in the mix… like Obsidian’s recent release of Tyranny. This oddly spawns another contorted shift as Bel talks about that he figures out why he doesn’t really enjoy Halo games. We shift gears and talk a bit about Final Fantasy XIV and the Alexander Turn 11 fight. Finally we wrap things up with some talk about the new Star Wars Destiny Collectible Card Game.

Discussion points: Pokemon Sun and Moon - Justice Monsters Five - Twitch vs Hitbox vs Beam - Browsing Steam - Tyranny - Bel and Halo - Final Fantasy XIV - Alexander Turn 11 - Star Wars Destiny