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AggroChat #44 - Tragic Relationships

This week was of course the week of Valentines Day, and as such we actually ended up recording a bit earlier than normal so that each of us could be free for whatever Valentines shenanigans we had planned. At the suggestion of Kodra we opted to ditch our normal episode and attempt to record one in honor of the relationships in the games we play. The problem is... as we found out while recording... video games are pretty bad at doing relationships still. I personally think the show ended up pretty interesting, and well worth the listen.

AggroChat #43 - Tiny Curry and Space Piracy

Join Bel, Ash, Rae and Tam in another cavalcade of wonder, known as the AggroChat podcast. This evening we are missing the illustrious Kodra... who was simply too sick to record but will hopefully join us again next week. We start our evening with my mind getting absolutely blown seconds before we start recording. Tam provides a link to the strangest hobby I have seen.. a man who cooks doll sized food. So we take a brief intermission from the normal proceedings to talk about this strange spectacle. Once we get under way we talk Final Fantasy XIV and defeating turn 6 of Binding Coil, and our efforts working in Turn 7. From here we meander into a disucssion of random elements in raid encounters, comparing and contrasting World of Warcraft Blackrock Foundry to the FFXIV encounters.

From here we meander into a long session talking about Elite Dangerous. We talk about our pie in the sky ultimate space game, and how maybe we aren't that far away from it. Finally Rae, Tam and Ash talk about their experiences watching the League of Legends NALCS and how that experience has changed now that they are also competing in a Fantasy League. We recorded considerably later than normal, so I think towards the end of the show we were all getting a bit drowsy and maybe a tad bit slap happy.

AggroChat #42 - Gigantic Personality

This week is the first live show we have recorded in two weeks. In the intervening time Bel, Rae and Ash went to Pax South, and Rae and Ash managed to catch the dreaded Pax Pox. Kodra represented our podcast on the Inaugural episode of the TGEN Tribunal podcast featuring members from all of the various TGEN podcasts and then became the grand Wii Bowling champion of his cruise. During the course of this episode my cast members try and convince me that I am a "media personality" to which I still deny. In addition to all of this madness we talk about a lot of games.

Kodra talks about his experiences with the 3DS port of Citizens of Earth, playing a lot of Sudoku and the punishing game 1001 Spikes. Ash talks about a week of playing Final Fantasy XIV, and the rogue like overture. Tam talks about time spent playing the new generation of adventure games including Dreamfall Chapters and Life is Strange. Rae talks about some FFXIV and her frustrations with the current state of League of Legends Lag, as well as the controversy of them completely blowing off Pax South. Finally I talk about my experience taking media appointments at Pax South, and getitng to play a lot of Gigantic and Moonrise. We deep dive into Gigantic talkinga bout our experiences playing together, and what the various champions we played were like.

Finally at the end I talk a little bit about my joining the staff of It is a big episode full of lots of stuff and I hope you all enjoy it. We are happy to be back and happy to be hanging out and recording aggrochat once more.

AggroChat #41 - A Game Club is Born

I am just realizing that in the hustle and bustle of Pax South I did not actually post this episode here... so here goes

This weeks show is a bit of an odd one, firstly in that we pre-recorded this episode a week in advance. This week Kodra had a conflict and Ashgar, Rae and Belghast were scheduled to be at Pax South... leaving only Tam to solo record an episode. As exciting as that sounds... we figured we would let him off the hook and record a double episode. The second strange thing about this episode is that we are introducing what we are hoping will become a new feature. AggroChat Game Club... where we pick a title each month and play it during that month. In this episode we deliberate on a list of titles we came up with before hand and at the end of the show reach a vague concensus as to what the title will be.

That said... we hope you the listening public will play along and the last show in February we will be doing a deep dive into our chosen game. Of course this will be a full spoiler discussion as the five of us hash out what we thought about the game.