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AggroChat #50 - Game Club 2 - Trine 2

Tonight was the night for our second AggroChat Game Club game review, and for those who might not remember during our first Game Club show we chose Trine 2 for the March game of the month. Our views on the game ranged from really enjoying it, to mixed to not really liking it at all. We talk about this exceptionally pretty game and what we liked and disliked about it. We also delve a little bit into our April game pick, and talk about a few of the things we played this week. It is a bit of a short show since Trine 2 itself is a bit of a limited game.

AggroChat #49 - Road Trip Fantasies Type-0

Tonight we are joined by our normal cast of Belghast, Rae, Tam, Kodra and Ashgar as we devote the majority of the show to lots of different things Final Fantasy. We talk the release of the Final Fantasy XV Demo and how this has sent Tam back into the 90s. We talk Final Fantasy Type-0 and how we are enjoying this very different Final Fantasy Offering. We also talk about how the Final Fantasy franchise going to more "on rails" games turned several of us off the franchise for awhile. Ashgar beats Ori and the Blind Forest and talks a bit about his feelings regarding the ending. Tam talks about his enjoyment of Dreamfall Chapters and how it isn't really required that one has played the previous games. Rae talks about her new Noms website, where they plan on making a recipe a week and reflecting on what the various authors think of it.

I talk about my current funk with my World of Warcraft raid and how the frustrations there are harshing my enjoyment. We also delve into a deep session once again where we talk about the differences bertween WoW and FFXIV raiding. We also have a session of "Tam Told us So" now that the news about crafting specialization has taken some of the focus away from us all becoming Omni Crafters. I talk about my return lately to Elder Scrolls Online and the conversion to a Buy To Play system. I talk about a game I did not expect to like but find myself begrudgingly enjoying, and that is ZMR: Zombies Monsters Robots. Finally we close out the show with some discussion about the League Championship Series and the introduction of the new roaming support champion... Bard.

AggroChat #48 - Ori and the Sad Sads

Last night we embarked upon another journey through that weekly tradition we call the AggroChat podcast. Things are a little different sounding this week because I finally got a proper microphone. Positive is I can have my fan on me while we record without it picking that up… however it seems to pick up my mouse clicks like insanely bad. Last night we dedicated the show to the ultimate Pi day, and Kodra was celebrating with a bunch of tiny pies. The first game we talked about in depth is Ori and the Blind Forest which is so many sads out of sad. The game is a gloriously animated and beautifully done…. but has the saddest intro I have ever experienced in any game. We talk about how the hopeful tone of the rest of the game, doesn’t really fit with the intro sequence. From Ori we move into the pitfalls of the Final Fantasy XIV crafting system, and why all of us are trying to become Omni crafters for the sake of our free company Airship. This makes Tam exceptionally sad because all he really wants to be is a good goldsmith.

I talk about my guilds progress in Blackrock Foundry and some of the drama that happened as a result of us needing to pair down our dps in order to conquer the content. Most of the guilds I know have been struggling with keeping enough healers this expansion, and because we are habitually short that limits the number of dps we can realistically bring on fights. Since we are getting into harder content we had to bench a few people, and one of them took offense enough to rather dramatically guild quit during the middle of the raid. Tam went into a interesting discussion about the new Infinity rules and how they will change the way gameplay happens, by shifting focus away from combat to instead be focused on objective completion. Finally I talk at length about my experiences playing the Steam beta of Moonrise… but I will go into that in more detail below.

AggroChat #47 - Scrabble is for Olds

Last night is another case of us sitting down, saying we had nothing to talk about... and then ending up talking for an hour and a half about everything imaginable. We talked about Ashgar and the insanity he is currently going through working on his Relic Novus in Final Fantasy XIV. We talked my recent journey back into Bravely Default and how that game requires a certain measure of degenerate play to defeat encounters after a certain point. We talk about Tam's brush with near death as he decides that no one should ever be bit by a Black Widow spider because it hurts like hell. I talk about my experiences in Blackrock Foundry and the World of Warcraft selfie toy filling up my twitter feed. I talk about hitting level 80 on my first character in Guild Wars 2... and how empty it feels since the last 15 levels or so were essentially given to me for logging in daily.

Our longest discussion however that spawned the quote that I am using for the title of this show was about board games and miniature gaming. We talk about "long" board games, those taking several hours to play out... and the frustration of having to devote that much time to a game you are essentially "behind the curve" in the entire time. We talk about games that require less time to get into and play, and that can be played for a number of times in a single evening. This also spawns a discussion into miniature gaming talking about the problems with Warmachine and Warhammer 40k contrasted with some of the strengths of Infinity. As always it is a long rambling discussion between a bunch of friends, and since you apparently like that as AggroChat listeners... then this should be a banner episode.

AggroChat #46 - Hards for Cards Extreme

Tonight we talk about the events that have essentially stolen our lives... the release of the Manderville Golden Saucer and the FFXIV 2.51 patch. The title of the episode comes from the fact that we have spent a good deal of the last week running hard mode dungeon and trial content for the slim chance of getting triple triad cards to drop. Triple Triad has lead several of us to do all sorts of random stuff trying to obtain cards... and this week I capped Poetics almost exclusively through running trials at 5 poetics per run. If there was ever a homewrecker of a patch... this would be the one.

So listen to us talk about all the awesome things that happened from Triple Triad, to Chocobo Racing to the insanity that is the Cactpot lottery. However worry not... we talk about several other things in addition to all the Final Fantasy XIV gushing. Tam and Kodra talk Elite: Dangerous. Bel spends some time talking about the new building game Sky Saga, and Rae talks about her recent travels in Trove. Kodra talks about his experience playing the indie game Deer God and several other points between. It was a thoroughly fun episode to record, so we hope that translates well in the broadcast.

AggroChat #45 - The Citizens of Earth Show

This evening we delve into our very first AggroChat Game Club title, the earthbound-esc JRPG Citizens of Earth. We talk about our experiences playing the game on PC, Vita and 3DS and discuss the positives and negatives of each platform. We then dig into the discussion of the game, its combat, systems, and story. Finally we give the game our own version of a rating. It was an interesting first game experiment, and we look forward to the next title which we discuss at the end of the show. Next week we return to our regularly scheduled AggroChat format, and with it more than likely much discussion of the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV patch that we preview towards the end of this weeks show.