Hey gamers!

For those of you who don't know, I'm Lonrem, Anook's Community Lead. I'm the guy who handles your user reports, runs the moderators, and the Twitter feed. While I frequently answer questions on an individual level when I see them or I'm asked directly, it's usually to a fairly small audience and sometimes limited to 140 characters at a time! :) As such, I wanted to create a place where I can speak and answer questions as they come up. This is MY blog, and I may feature content that I personally like, or represents positive aspects of the gaming community. I've turned over the Community Spotlight nook to you all as users! If you want to feature a article, podcast, or video about the Anook Community, just send me a PM and we'll discuss it and over time I'll hopefully have enough regular writers that it can run itself. :D

To the point of my post! Anook continues to grow and that's a good thing, but it also means we need more help to grow the site, to moderate it, to promote awesome content, and maybe even organize some cool events! In short, we're looking for staff members. We're looking for dedicated and reliable gamers who want to be apart of Anook and dive into the deep end. However, we are still in beta, so there's no revenue being generated, so all positions are unpaid. With that in mind, we're not asking people to give 60 hours a week to Anook, even just a couple minutes a day can make a world of difference, but we need that reliability and a bit of professionalism. I guarantee that no matter your talents, we can use your help!

I'm going to host a little Teamspeak chat with anybody interested to talk about ideas and ways you can help, even if you don't want to join in as dedicated staff. I'll also be available to answer any questions or field any suggestions for the site you might have. I attempted this previously while also streaming Payday 2... turns out I can't concentrate on a co-op shooter and talk to the community at the same time.

If you are interested in helping out, do me a favor and leave a comment with what times might work best for a big group chat, I'll try to pick some time that's best for as many as possible, might do two if need be.

Happy Gaming,

Anook Community Lead