Hey gamers!

So it's been awhile since I've made a post and I apologize for that. Need to get this to be a monthly thing, working on that! So let's go over what's happened, what's going on now, and what's next!

What's Happened

  • Non-Anook stuff slowed development a bit, that's to be expected during the holidays!
  • We had some representation at the PAX South convention in San Antonio, TX and got to hang out with some users and devs (for way too short of a time)!
  • We've made some background improvements to the site.

What's Going On Now

  • Development is getting back up to full speed after some rather freakish technical problems.
  • We're clearing out inactive game moderators who have become inactive or unable to keep helping out.
  • I'm working on getting more game developer interaction on game pages.
  • We're also working on the worst kept secret of Anook: Shirts!

What's Next

  • More features! More cool things!
  • Building up moderators on more games and more moderators on games that need them.
  • More ways to support our users, more ways for our users to support us, and maybe ways for our users to support one another.
  • Community events!

Speaking of community events, I would like to create some kind of 'Anook Day' to celebrate the video game community, gamers, devs, and content creators. This is a chance for everyone to have a chance to hopefully meet new gamers, new streamers, YouTubers, bloggers, whatever! I know we'll have to start small but I want this to become the monthly event everyone looks forward to! :D

Well, that's all I've got for now. Please feel free to give us your feedback in the comments or a PM!

Signing out,

Anook Community Lead