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PvPing Dem PvPs

Tried out BM as a hunter - its freaking insane. Doing pretty well in the battlegrounds now. Ill transition my YT channel to a more even balance of PvE and PvP.

In other news I am now getting a solid 1k views a day which is a nice milestone :D Pretty close to 1k subs too!

999 Views Per Day

Hit my highest views ever yesterday, 999 :D Nearly hit 1k a day. If I could keep this up it would be pretty awesome for the channel (and for anook since ill be promoting it actively soon).

Your likes and stuff really help out and are what keep me going!

As for the rest of the week, I will get a WoW Daily out most days and have around 4 LP style videos pre recorded.

WoW Daily Show Notes: 50/05/2013

These are raw notes out of a notepad file, expect horrible spelling xD

PvE Overview

4 New Scenarios
Battle on the high seas: In this scenario you hop around the alliance/horde ships.
Along the way you can use a whole bunch of buffs and stuff. If you fall in the water
you will attract a lovely shark which will eat you.

Blood in the Snow: Zandalari trolls have been stirring up trouble with the
frostmane trolls outside Ironforge. You start the scenario by freeing a bunch of scouts
There is a bonus objective for saving all of the scouts and deactivating the snow storm.
The final phase is attacking and killing their leader.

Dark Heart of Panderia: This is in the vale of eternal blossoms. Apparently the
mining the horde has done has awoken something. After killing the first boss
you can get inside the mine. You then collect a bunch of artifacts and wind up
in the valut of Y'Sharj. AFter killing the final boss, an echo of Ysharj you are
finished. This place introduces a "new" old god that many speculate will
corrupt garrosh further in patch 5.4

Secrets of the You go into an abandoned part of ragefire chasms where
garrosh is thought to be doing some funny business. You find a bunch of weapons
and protodrake eggs. You eventually escape to tell voljin whats up.

Heroic Scenarios
New in patch 5.3

Require a premade 3 person group with an average ilvl of 480.

The first heroic of the day will give 120 VP.

There are bonus onjectives which can be failed. Completing these will grant an
additional 30 VP

You get a Geroic Cache of Treasures which can contain a ilvl516. Any other
scenarios that day give the normal greater cache.

You can only complete a normal or heroic per day for the daily bonus

There is a quest called Heroic Deeds from your factions vale city. This rewards a
Bulging Heroic Cache with a gaurinteed 516. This is a one time only quest.

They also added the Heroic cache of Treasures to Challenge modes.

Legendary Quest
The next stage of the Wrathion questline is unlocked. After doing a few challenges
for the celestials you will be rewarded with an item level 600 cloak.

BRawlers Guild
You can now fight bosses you have already defeated
New bosses unlock Brawlers Guild shirts for purchase with Precious's ribbon.
Defeating all new bosses gives the Wraps of the Blood-Soaked brawler
There is a VIP loungh for rank 8+ with spectator areas.
At rank 10 you get the Brawlers Burly Mushan Beast

Heirlooms have been more than halfed in price.
There are not heirloom shields in the game.

You can legel mining and herbalism in panderia. Instead of ore/herbs you get

They added loot specilisations. You can select what role you want gear for.

There battlefield barrens which was covered in another video.

Started the blog!

Testing around with the blog feature. Anook is so freaking good, never seen a site with so many features!