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BTG Game of The Year 2013 - The Last of Us

The best game of 2013 as voted by clan members is The Last of Us. The results can be seen below:

The Last of Us
63.64% 7
Grand Theft Auto V
36.36% 4
Total 11

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas and New Year! (and be sure to play plenty of PS4!)

BTG - Game of The Year 2013 - Voting

Hey everyone,

Nominations have closed and the voting for our Game of The Year has begun! Please only vote once!

The GOTY will be announced next Monday, December 23.

BTG Game of The Year Nominations!

Woah! Christmas is almost here and we haven't had time to think about the great games that launched this year! It's time to nominate your favourite game, then we will vote. 1 nomination each ONLY. Nominations close December 16. Voting will then commence and the Game of The Year will be announced before Christmas!

You can nominate a game that has already been nominated, but 1 nomination each person please.

I'd have to say The Last of Us - simply beats any other game this year for me! :)

1 week to go!

This time next week, most of us will be playing our PlayStation 4's and a new generation of gaming will arrive! To celebrate the PS4 midnight launch, we are planning a Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer session. If you are planning on getting your PS4 at midnight, be sure to jump on Killzone (or at least be in our party chat) and celebrate into the early hours of the morning. Just be sure to get the day off work! :P

To make sure your midnight launch is as awesome as it can be, I have created a list of essential items:

PS+ Subscription - required for PS4 multiplayer
Patch 1.51 (the latest) - download it here:
Energy drinks!
Killzone: Shadow Fall

Not long to go now! If you can think of anything else.. please add it below.



I'd like to thank everyone for the extremely fast transition to our new website! I wasn't expecting it to happen so fast, but I'm glad it did.

The site is already extremely active and I hope everyone is enjoying the new features.

The PS4 launch is only just over a week away and clan members will be able to livestream their gaming experiences to our website via Twitch. Simply link your Twitch account (create one for free at to your Anook profile and send me a message. I'll then add it to our 'Streams' page and when your broadcast goes live, it will be displayed on our website!

The old forums will continue to be online for a couple more weeks, just in case you would like to read any of the posts there.


I have decided to put together a FAQ..

Is our page private?

No. Currently anyone can view the forums and our wall. Anyone can also post COMMENT on our wall posts, or post in the forums. I will probably be hiding some of this soon so that only BTG members can access it. While members are still making the transition, its better to give everyone full access as I have to manually add everyone to the correct group.

Is there a shoutbox?

No. There will soon be a chat system similar to Facebook's. I encourage members to post content to the wall and have a casual chat there - use it exactly like the shoutbox on our old website. You can also send messages to each other and these appear in real time, without the need to refresh the page.

Why are we using the old BTG logo?

It's just a placeholder and the banner will be updated with a new logo soon. :)

Who can post new content to the wall?

Only BTG members can post new stuff to our wall, but everyone can comment on it.

What are Nooks?

Nooks are like groups. You can 'Follow' as many Nooks as you like and I encourage you to do so. It will make your Anook experience even better!

How do livestreams work?

Once you have linked your account to Anook and your PS4, your livestreams should appear on our website automatically in the 'Streams' page. Stay tuned for more info..

Can you have a forum signature and animated avatar?

You can't have a forum signature. You can have an animated avatar, but it will only appear animated on your profile, and static on the forums.

Why does our domain name only stay in the browser bar for a few seconds after I click enter?

Our domain name is just a forwarding address. I thought it would be much better for us to have a domain name as it's easier to remember and you can use it to access our website from anywhere.

What can I post on the wall?

Anything! Videos, pictures, news articles, reviews. It doesn't even have to be clan or gaming related. You can link to any website you wish.

Anook is still in beta?

Yes it is! That means that there are plenty of new features that will launch on the website in the coming months.