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Murf Versus: Day 15

One more diversion from talking about video games, only this time it's about an anime rather than a television show. In general, I consider myself an anime fan, though I am not on the same level as many of my friends. It takes a lot for a show to capture my attention, and it takes even more for me to finish it.

As a sports anime, Yowapeda is second only to Hajime no Ippo for me, and together they are two anime I love dearly about sports I couldn't care less about: boxing and cycling.

Even if those sports don't interest you, I'd give either of these shows a chance. They have great characterization, a lot of heart, and a nice blend of drama and comedy.

What sort of anime do you all watch?

#Blaugust Day 15: No anime is as efficient or as entertaining as Yowapeda.
As a follow-up to yesterdays post, I am going to burn away today's entry with a throwaway draft I originally …