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Murf Versus: Day 16

To sum this post up, I don't care how you get to it (unless you use carrier pigeon, in which case, poor pigeons), but I want to know about the posts YOU think are the best representations of your blog thus far. I don't care how old or what they are about. I just need you to get me a few examples so I can pick the best one for's regular Blogger highlight post.

This isn't exclusive to Blaugust participants, but Blaugust participants are preferred. That includes those with only a single day or with every day under their belt. I don't care!

#Blaugust Day 16: The Bonanza Needs You
I need your help. It may even be in your best interest. I know Syl (MMO Gypsy) had a similar challenge, but I …
Blaugust Day 11

I am petrified purple.

Seriously, post titles suck.

In which I reveal a few more useless tidbits about myself, engage in the ultimate conceit of linking to my past posts, and do the /not-worthy emote at the feet of Raph Koster.

Blaugust Day 11 - Mashup and Miscellany
So here we are, HA!s notwithstanding, combing the writing prompts forum thread for inspiration. I would like …
Blaugust Day 1

Getting started!

blaugust #01: how does your blogging grow?
I look forward to August. It's when the plums and apricots start coming in, and I daydream about making jam …