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Blaugust is over... but I can still post fun articles right?

I actually came across this idea THE DAY AFTER Blaugust finishes.... bah!

Fun glamour ideas if you're a punchy punchy Roegadame!

Garlean Glamour: The "She-Wench" Set
Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm just a few days shy of the Mister finally arriving on my stomping grounds, but I …
Blaugust Post 25!~

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Today I'm touching upon a few posts that have addressed concerns about the trend of MMOs going towards less Massively Multiplayer games and more just single player games with just a lot of people around you. I talk about some experiences in which in lieu of game content I banded together with other players to have fun regardless of it.

Filling the Cracks With Your Own Content
(This post is Day 25 of my participation in the #Blaugust 2015 initiative!) While I have not been fulfilling …
#Blaugust 2015 Day 23!

I've been sick the past couple of days so I fell behind again :(

I give my thoughts today on the job changes in Final Fantasy XIV's 3.07 patch.

Final Fantasy XIV 3.07 Patch Reaction
(This post is Day 23 of my participation in the #Blaugust 2015 initiative!) After talking about the upcoming …
Blaugust Day 22!

♫ Caught up on Blaugust and it feel soooo good~! ♫

FFXIV just finished its 14 hour two year anniversary stream and they announced upcoming content for Patch 3.1 and beyond.

I summarize what they revealed and give my thoughts!

A Much Needed Content Infusion (FFXIV patch 3.1 preview!)
(This post is Day 22 of my participation in the #Blaugust 2015 initiative!) Two years Since THE REALM WAS …
Blaugust Day 19!

I talk about the Alexander raid in the Final Fantasy XIV expansion Heavensward and how it's split into two versions and weigh the different perspectives on whether this was a good move.

They Play Alexander You Know, Savages That's What They Are!
(This post is Day 19 of my participation in the Blaugust 2015 initiative!) I created a long title just so it …
Blaugust Day 16!

I recap my week and progress in FFXIV and GW2.

Checkpoint Reached!
(This post is Day 16 of the Blaugust 2015 initiative!) So this post marks the halfway point of my …
BLAUGUST DAY 15 - A Sea Wolf Family Photo Shoot

I decided to take some photos of our "family" in game for a fun peek at our Maelstrom stomping grounds and Moonfire Faire 2015 <3

BLAUGUST Day 15 - A Sea Wolf Family Photo Album
For more information on the Blaugust Initiative, you can click the link HERE and join in on the fun this …
Goobbue Crossing - Day 14!

I take a longer look at my experiences jumping back into Guild Wars 2 as someone who played a lot after launch but gradually lost interest and went to FFXIV.

A Return to Tyria (Blaugust Day 14!)
This post is Day 14 of Blaugust, a blogging challenge thought up by Belghast to blog every day for the entire …
Blaugust Day 12 - Not All Jokes Are Valid

I react to some racist remarks said in the XIV community recently

Not All Jokes Are Valid
It came to my attention yesterday that a Final Fantasy XIV focused podcast uttered the phrase "Roegadyn Lives …
Blaugust Day 11 - BATTLE FEVER!

Today I talk about my PVP experiences lately in Final Fantasy XIV

Battle Fever!
Wish I had got this out sooner, but there was some drama in the XIV community that took my focus. I will be …
Day 10! Let's talk about scrips baby!

Today I talk about the current token based endgame content in FFXIV, mostly concerning crafting and gathering scrips.

Crunch some numbers and try to figure out if there's a way to improve upon the current scrips system.

Scrips Tease
I mentioned yesterday that I was trying to simplify my Final Fantasy XIV experience by setting fewer goals and …
Feeling Beachy Today!

#Blaugust Day 9! Went to the beach, thought about managing expectations and goals in game to stay relaxed and cool

Feeling Beachy Today
Another day of August, another post for Blaugust, a 31 day blogging challenge started by Belghast - interested …
Blaugust '15 Day 6!

Today I talk about the music in one dungeon of FFXIV Heavensward and the influence it has on shaping a location's character

Hitting the Books - The Great Gubal Library
I thought I could avoid making another FFXIV post in a row but I just can't help myself! Today I wanted to do …