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Day 26 - Twitch VS Youtube

With the recent premiere of the YouTube Gaming Channel, it makes us think on which is more supreme for viewing video games..

Blaugust Day 26 - What's In A Name?

Today I gave a little insight on the origins of my alter ego in game, Alisha Rue!

BLAUGUST Day 26 - What's In A Name?
For more information on the Blaugust Initiative, you can click the link HERE and join in on the fun this …
Blaugust Day 25

Birds and Bees

Thalen Speaks
Last night was our regular Final Fantasy XIV raid night. We ended up going into Alexander to get gear upgrades …
Blaugust Day 11

Whalers in the Sky

Thalen Speaks
Last night was my regular raid night in Final Fantasy XIV, led by Tamrielo. This is the more laid-back raid of …
Day 8 - Why I Heal

Healing is something I've done almost exclusively in MMOs for the last coming on 10 years. But why? Especially when I'd really rather be DPSing when it comes down to it...

Psyche Plays - Why I Heal

Amazing Community

Last night my desktop decided to have a meltdown as I have apparently lost my processor fan. Additionally I share adorable pictures of our new kitten Kenzi and talk at length about just how amazing the Cactuar server and Aether Data Center have been in Final Fantasy XIV.

Also the first of the Blaugust writing prompts! Let me know if they work for you.

Amazing Community | Tales of the Aggronaut
Computer Meltdown All that I really wanted to do when I got home was to log into my computer and play some …