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Blaugust Day 14 for Lair of the Wolf Dragon

MMO+, an awesome new MMO database with tons of filters.

MMO+, the MMO search engine
Blaugust Day 14] Every once in a while, I get messages sent through my contact form that Akismet doesn't mark …
Blaugust Day 13 - Room Enough for Two

Yup, it's another crowdfunding post. But this time I discuss why both the new AND the old way of things should be allowed to happen.

Blaugust Day 6 - Anook AMA

In which I masochistically comply with my Syl-ish overlord's command.

(And apparently fail at link copying. Fixed now.)

Blaugust Day 6 - Anook AMA
Because Blaugust isn't hard enough as it is, our friendly blogging taskmistress (aka Syl) decided a little …
Day 24 - Oops, I resubscribed

We've all had the momentary weakness and been tempted by our old MMO flame. I ended up back in FFXI, after flitting in and out for years. Oops?

Oops, I resubscribed