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Amazing Community

Last night my desktop decided to have a meltdown as I have apparently lost my processor fan. Additionally I share adorable pictures of our new kitten Kenzi and talk at length about just how amazing the Cactuar server and Aether Data Center have been in Final Fantasy XIV.

Also the first of the Blaugust writing prompts! Let me know if they work for you.

Amazing Community | Tales of the Aggronaut
Computer Meltdown All that I really wanted to do when I got home was to log into my computer and play some …
Gospel of Blaugust

Since the month of August is almost upon us, I devote some time this morning to running down and summarizing the event. There is still plenty of time for you to join in the madness!

Gospel of Blaugust | Tales of the Aggronaut
What is Blaugust? With the beginning of August rapidly approaching, I thought it would be a good time to do …
Blaugust Guidelines!

Over the last few days I have received quite a bit of interest in this whole Blaugust thing. However along with this has been quite a bit of confusion over what exactly I mean by a new post a day. Since this is coming from the gaming blogosphere, many folks are assuming that I mean it has to be a gaming post. Additionally there has been some discussion in exactly I consider a post. Wilhelm for example keeps a photo blog updated, and he wondered if this classified as a daily post for the purpose of the contest. Now if you wrote a couple of paragraphs about the image, then totally this is a post… if it is simply a bunch of pictures, then no sadly I have to say it doesn’t qualify. I figured I would post some ground rules today. I will be expanding on these further on the Blaugust Anook since that is the official headquarters for this initiative.

The Topic

Since this is the biggest point of questions, I figured I would get it out of the way. You can write about anything you want to write about. You can diverge from gaming in any fashion you like, and your blog doesn’t even have to be gaming related. Liore for example was talking about making a gaming foodie blog, and that would totally count for the purpose of this event. The idea is to get you used to writing on a schedule, and not so much dictating what you are writing about. Inspiration can be an extremely fickle thing, and if you want for it… there end up being massive lapses in your posts. The idea here is make you realize that you don’t need the muse to crank out interesting posts. If you allow yourself to, your personality with inhabit the writing and inspiration will find you mid paragraph.

The Guidelines

--Write a New Blog Post no less than 10 sentences in length.
--Include a link back to the Blaugust Initiative page
--Advertise the post on the Blaugust blog – you will be given permissions to do this
--If you Advertise the post via twitter, please include #Blaugust hashtag
--Over the course of the month, repeat this 31 times.

The Rewards

I will be keeping track of who has posted a post each day during the course of August. On September 1st I will be holding a drawing for several prize packages. Firstly I hope you like games… and want to acquire more of them, because basically that is what is going to happen here. Over the course of a few years of the Humble Bundle series, I have accumulated a bunch of duplicate keys. I can think of no better way to give away some of these, than to reward the hard work of participating in a challenge such as this.

- -Grand Prize

I hope you follow me on Steam, because I will be picking a game off your Steam Wishlist and purchasing it for you. In addition to this I will be letting you pick a game from my Humble Bundle surplus list as well. For this prize specifically I will be looking for someone who has actually posted a post each individual day, rather than someone who has posted 31 posts in the month. This prize should represent the truest form of the challenge.

- -Three Also-Awesomes

Additionally I will be picking three individuals at random from the total pool of contestants to win the “Also-Awesome” award. To quality for this you have to have started your posting on August 1st, and written a total of 31 posts over the course of the month. I will be having these folks in order drawn pick 2 games a piece from my Humble Bundle surplus list. I am varying the requirements here a bit, to allow someone to have missed a day here or there but posted a catch-up post to still be in the running for something.

- -The Catch-Up Artist

Anyone who joins the initiative late, is going to be in the running for this one. To quality you have to have joined after August 1st, but managed to catch up and still write a total of 31 posts in the month. You an procrastinate however long you like, but I am expecting 31 well formed posts to get this one. After the above prizes have been picked from my Humble Bundle surplus list, the winner of this prize gets to nab one of the games for themselves as well. I promise the surplus list is big enough to support all of these people… and still allow them quite a bit of variety in the choices.

- -All Participants

I will be crafting some sidebar badges and banners that can be affixed to your website showing the world that you won the Blaugust challenge. Additionally you will be able to bask in the warm afterglow of knowing you accomplished something awesome. Depending on the number of participants I reserve the right to make up a bunch of other awards along the way.

The Sign-up

While there has been quite a bit of interest, only a handful of you have actually joined the Blaugust nook. For ease of maintenance on my part, I would really appreciate it if you all went out there and clicked the Join button. This and the whole advertising on the nooks blog thing is going to help me account for all of the posts, and also turn around and advertise them myself easier. I am trying to make this work but at the same time not make August a hellacious month for me. I appreciate the desire to participate, and I appreciate everything you are doing to make my life easier as well. As I said before I will be posting some prompts before the start of the initiative. Right now I am shooting for 60, but that number might change. I look forward to reading all of your entries during the month!

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Blaugust On Anook

I am going to be using Anook for the Blaugust initiative, since I can give everyone permission to advertise their posts on the front page in blog post form. Also Anook is simply a great way to coordinate things, given that it requires very little setup on the parts of anyone. We have been using Anook for a bit with the Alliance of Awesome community and I have been extremely pleased with "ease of use".

So if you are interested in participating in the Blaugust event please join the nook and I will bump your permissions up to be able to reblog your daily posts here.

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