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Blaugust in Review

Blaugust in Review

One of the other side effects of this challenge is that I've - unfortunately - been increasingly focused on who's paying attention to me and whether my blog posts are interesting enough to be read by people. Sometimes I just want to slap my obnoxiously self-obsessed ego silly. I am getting better at not obsessing over page views, though, even though I do appreciate all of the people who stop by my blog and hope that the things I write are good enough that they continue to do so. I'm not writing in a vacuum here. I'm writing for other people, too, even if this is my blog and I can do whatever I please. So here are my three main takeaways from the Blaugust challenge:

  • Post once every couple of days, where "couple" means either 2-3 days or 4-7 days
  • Quality over quantity: research, contemplate, and cite sources
  • My writing style is the vehicle for conveying information, not the outcome of the process

The last one is a reminder that I need to stop alliterating so much for no reason. It's analogous to the role of technology in my classroom - the point is not to learn how to use technology, it's to learn to use technology to create products that are of value to the learning community. The same goes for me in my writing.

I genuinely appreciate what Belghast has done for the community by initiating and maintaining this challenge. It blew up into something that took on a life of its own and probably went far beyond what you originally had in mind for it. It sucked, but it made me grow. Thank you.

Blaugust Finale

My usual State of the Game post.

State of the Game: Blaugust Finale
August ends today. That means Blaugust ends today as well. It's been a trip. I know that some days were harder …
Last Stop, Blaugustville! - Blaugust Day 31

Well, I suppose this wraps up a great 31 days of continuous blogging, it's certainly been a great experiment! Thanks Belghast & all the participating bloggers for all the great efforts! I will hopefully continue blogging, though likely not on a daily basis (shooting for once a week, minimum). Cheers!

Last Stop, Blaugustville!

Day Thirty-One - August in Review

Here we are, August/Blaugust is at an end and I have my usual (96th in a series) month in review post.

Blaugust Post #37, the last one I have planned for the month.

August in Review
The Site I took down the MMO Blog RSS feed in the side bar earlier this month. Bhagpuss had been wondering why …

This is the last day of Blaugust! I'm kind of sad.... We're doing this again next year, right?!

The End is Nigh

The (Wild)Star is Falling

It seems my previous report of "WildStar's Slow and Undramatic Decline" may have been a bit understated. In this post I look at a different pulse of the game - how the community leaders are also jumping ship, starting with the President of Carbine.

Also - I finished Blaugust - 31 of 31!

WildStar's Fast and Dramatic Decline
I am getting the feeling my other report ( Wildstar's Slow and Undramatic Decline) was a bit too optimistic. …
StarShadow ~ 31 Aug

the final post and the wrapup

Blaugust wrapup
post 31 of blaugust. The final post :( I have actually found this a lot easier to do than I thought I would. I …
Blaugust, Day 31

My final Blaugust post: "Everything Ends Eventually"

Like Fiona, I'll do a review of Blaugust - after Belghast has rolled the dice and I've had a chance to relax for a bit.

Day 31

Last day of Blaugust! This has been so much fun :) I'm going to do a final Blaugust post round up after some analysis.

Hello Cynical Badger: Sporcle: Trivia, Quizzes and Brain Games
My profile on Sporcle is cynicalbadger so if you want some human challenges then hit me up. I love quizzes and …
Blaugust 29th

I just realized that I did not link my post for the 29th to Anook. This post went up Friday:
The Center Cannot Hold

House of Witches
So here's a quick question. We've said that after ten years of adding more and more abilities to our WoW …
Blaugust 30th

Most of my gaming experiences are with a small group of players rather than a massive population. Taking the M out of MMO

House of Witches