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Blaugust the Last Day

I lost. Oh well.

A Technical Rejoinder
My last post for the Blaugust initiative. I'm not going to call this a failure. I lost, but I won something …
Day 28 - My brain is pudding

I leapfrog on Chestnut's DD post with one of my own and make obvious movie references.

Sometimes You Eat the Bar and Sometimes The Bar, He Eats You
(This counts as post 28 out of 31 for my participation in the #Blaugust 2015 initiative!) Because I'm a bit …
Day 31 - well, that was fun

Made it to Day 31.

Thanks Belghast for the initiative - see you next year.

Day 31

Blaugust is finally at an end for this year.

Knifesedge Blogs
Blaugust is finally drawing to a close and what a month it turned out to be. I managed to post every one of …
Blaugust Day 27!

Don't call it a comeback! I'm still kicking out the jams

My thoughts on the GW2 F2P announcement and looking towards the Heart of Thorns expansion

Thoughts on Guild Wars 2 Free to Play Announcement (Blaugust #27)
(This post is Day 27 of my participation in the #Blaugust 2015 initiative!) Big Announcement Just the other …
Blaugust Day 31

Why end the month any with any more pith than the amount with which it began?

Blaugust Day 31 - Ultimation
Which was the only reason I wanted to call yesterday's post Penultimation. Ah well. Next year.] I've been too …
Blaugust the 31st: The Masks We Wear
I Have Touched the Sky: Blaugust the 31st: The Masks We Wear
Well, here it is, the last day of Blaugust. Unlike NaNoWriMo, there wasn't a strenuous thirteen hundred word …
Darth Glember and the Merciless Marauder

Posted late last night : Blaugust 30th

I Have Touched the Sky: Blaugust the 30th: Darth Glember and the Merciless Marauder
In the end, I am not sure how far Scooter went to the Dark side with her Sith Sorcerer. She's mostly Dark, …
Blaugust Day #31 - The Last Post

My 42nd post of the month. Blaugust op success! And now back to my usual month in review posts where I complain about the usual things.

August in Review
The Site Well, I already wrapped up Blaugust in the previous post and, this being my 42nd post in August, With …
Day 31

Happy 31st, you guys. We made it! Thanks so much, Belghast, this has been a great month.

blaugust #31: the last day.
Here we are, Blaugustinians, August 31. We made it! There have been a couple of days when I complained …
Blaugust Day 26

I take a field trip to the Silverwastes in GW2 for the first time!

GW2 - Silverwastes Field Trip (Blaugust #26)
So while I've stated plenty of feelings about Guild Wars 2 and will continue to for this crazy home stretch …