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Attention Blaugust Participants

As some of you may know, I write the blog round-up column for MMO Games. I currently have a survey up on my blog where bloggers can self-report a few things about their blogs to make covering them even easier.

If you've been covered already, then this isn't required but I suggest it anyway. There are a few questions that will help guarantee the accuracy of my reporting. I'd also love to get your feedback or just know you are okay being reported on.

If you haven't been covered yet, then it is especially important for you to fill this out. Anyone who hasn't been covered already will be highlighted just for filling out the survey. Plus, it guarantees that I will be looking at your blog for the foreseeable future. There's no requirement that you focus mainly on MMOs or write only about MMOs, so feel free to fill it out and get noticed!

Happy blogging everyone!

Murf@MMOGames: Of Blogs and Surveys
Another edition of my weekly column is live. Go check out today's Blogger Bonanza and see what everyone has …
Post Blaugust post

Knifesedge Blogs
I have a tendency to write less rather than long rambling posts, mostly because I want to get back to gaming, …
Anook Community Choice 2015 Winner

When I proposed this award to @Belghast, I clearly didn't have any idea how much bigger this year was going to be compared to last year or how many Hearts you all were willing to give out. Nice learning experience and I'll likely change my method next year! I hope Anook served as a useful platform for you all and I'm hoping you all continue to share your writing with us for the rest of the year as well. I'm hounding our development team about making it easier for you all to do so, and our buddy @SurDaft just finished his latest version of the Anook WordPress plugin and a universal one still to come.

One advantage to the vote method is nobody can Heart their own posts, so this really was all up the reading community. There was some really stand out posts that really drew in the Hearts but in the end, there was a definite winner who took the lead by a narrow margin. So congratulations to @Aywren! She'll be receiving Cities Skylines and one of our super-secret-I-promise-they'll-be-public-soon T-shirts!

Thank you again to all you bloggers for making the event awesome and thanks @Belghast for making this a thing!

Some Blaugust Stats

Can't break the habit of blogging here. Oh no!

Some Blaugust Stats
I posted about stats a few times during Blaugust, but wanted to take a moment to show the final outcome for …

Biggest Thank You to everyone for being a part of Blaugust and for being awesome and supportive. It doesnt end here though as I continue my journey to my 5th Year of Vlogging very soon.

So until then, god bless and thanks for the awesome adventure

See you later Cowboy


Blaugust is over... but I can still post fun articles right?

I actually came across this idea THE DAY AFTER Blaugust finishes.... bah!

Fun glamour ideas if you're a punchy punchy Roegadame!

Garlean Glamour: The "She-Wench" Set
Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm just a few days shy of the Mister finally arriving on my stomping grounds, but I …
Blaugust 2015, Day 31

The Illusion of Life

The Mystical Mesmer
I woke to the light of a fire burning all around me and the acrid smell of smoke. A doll-like figure wreathed …
Blaugust 2015. Day 31

Don't Dream It's Over

Blaugust 2015, Day 31 - Don't Dream It's Over
It seems everyone is slowing down before the finish line. It's supposed to be thirty-one days of blog posts! …
Blaugust Day 31!


Thank you Belghast and thanks everyone for reading and your support. This was a great way to start off a blog and I hope continue writing 'til sea swallows all!

Thanks to Blaugust (Blaugust #31!!!!!!!!!)
(This post is my last post for the #Blaugust 2015 initiative!) FINISH! I didn't think that I would get here. …
Blaugust Day 30!

Where I talk about my experience at NXT: Takeover Brooklyn

Yeah, it's a lot of words about pro wrestling. Deal with it :D

My experience at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn!
(This post is #30 out of 31 for my participation in the #Blaugust 2015 initiative!) I wanted to post this …
Blaugust Day 31 for Lair of the Wolf Dragon

It is done! Looking back on Blaugust.

Blaugust: C'est fini
Blaugust Day 31] This is it, the last day of August and the last day of Blaugust. And including this post, …
Blaugust Day 30 for Lair of the Wolf Dragon

The cold can be one hell of an enemy.

The Long Dark: So cold and tired
Blaugust Day 30] The blizzard continued throughout the night. Sometimes the wind howled so loud that it woke …