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The Sword and Shield

This is a highlight of "The Sword and Shield" one of the many factions within Blue Skooma Roleplayers

The Sword and Shield

If you're a sellsword, mercenary, or soldier (be it rogue or with the Dominion), this is the faction for you!

Led by Lady Nightwind (Elsynia) with her Second in Command being Ro'John, the faction not only does weekly training runs (with prizes), but handles jobs and contracts given by the inhabitants of Sren'ja. Different from the guard, this faction is not like the "police." This is a collection of wandering soldiers and blades for hire. Their base is located outside of Sren'ja in the ruins of Thormar.

We're open to all and always recruiting! If you wish to join, please reply to this thread with your character name and whether you would be a mercenary/sellsword, or soldier.

The Sword and Shield Camp

Located Southwest of Sren'ja, a stone's throw away from Rawl'kha, the town's mercenaries, sellwords, and Dominion soldiers have set up camp in the ancient ruin of Thormar. The Khajiiti side of the arch is for training, while the Bosmeri side is for rest and food.

The Camp
Faction Guidelines

  • Mercenaries and Sellswords report to Elsynia, Soldiers report to Ro'John.
  • When large decisions need to be made, it will be voted upon in the forums.
  • No fighting or disagreeing over contracts or jobs. There will be plenty for everyone. If a disagreement arises, the disputing parties will be mediated either by Elsynia or Ro'John and calmly discuss until a conclusion is reached.
  • Lady Nightwind (Elsynia) and Ro'John will be representing the faction when a council is called. Feel free to express opinions and concerns to either.
  • All members are welcomed to post issues that they want discussed or events to be attended in the RP forums. Said posts should have a "Sword and Shield BB" label to them. Important messages regarding the faction are to be done in the same manner.

Faction Leader: Lady Nightwind (Elsynia)
Second in Command:Ro'John

Apply to Blue Skooma Roleplayers Here:

Progress In S'renja

Blue Skooma Roleplayers are living well in the city of S'renja and are preparing to promote more of our work on Anook, this includes:

  • Character sheets of various members
  • Settings we have laid out for our roleplay
  • Stories from our members
  • Fun pieces of information on the guild
  • Adding events onto the calendar

If you would like to see ESO Roleplay related content such as these in the future, keep an eye on our nook!

If you are interested in joining us, or checking out what we are about, check out our website!