Just a warning before hand, this can be a sad subject for some.

MMOs, guilds, gamers playing many genres, across all of these games we play we meet knew people. Sometimes they are just @NiceGuildmate, some random guy you met who teaches you about dungeons, your sniper up on the hill covering your ass, the one who revived you while everyone else ran past, sometimes we know them more personally; Some, if you're lucky, you've known for a good deal of time like "Yea that's John, he's an electrician from Ohio, he's married, and just had a brand new baby girl". Outside of gaming people sometimes view these relationships as strange and say "buy you've never actually met them?" which yea looking at it from the outside it can be a little strange. However, I also thoroughly enjoy the company of these people and like logging in to speak to them, they effect you're every day life.

About 8 years ago I played Call of Duty, I was a solo player, no clan, no real life friends that owned the game to play with. I ended up meeting a group of really nice players who happened to be good at the game too. They asked if I wanted to join them after talking over the mic for a bit. I accepted immediately. Over the course of years we played each new COD game, if one of our clanmates couldn't afford the next DLC or game, we would figure out a way to pitch in and get it for them. I had one clanmate specifically, who I would always have friendly competitions for the last killcam, BUT, the only way it would count is if it was a kill using a throwing knife. One time, he bounced a knife off of a wall and hit someone in the foot, killing them. I yelled "THAT DOESN'T COUNT, YOU HIT HIS FOOT!" and we got a good laugh out of it. Later on we learned that this clanmate had died, I was pretty sad by the loss of this friend.

These days I play ESO and a small batch of other games, meeting people all over, everyone having effects on me here and there. Sometimes, such small effects that you don't even really think about it. Like in my guild on ESO, I started trying to roleplay for the first time. Well At first, when I just joined the guild, I had made a racist Khajiit, who was pretty mean to people outside of the Dominion. Me, being new to roleplaying and being mean to someone in the guild made me feel bad, he of course being more experienced knew it was all just "in-character", but I felt bad about it anyways haha. That's when I changed who I played as, who is now my main character. I never really thought about this until our guild last night was informed by that persons' brother, that he had died in a car accident. Honestly I didn't really think about it until we held an in-game memorial, but the reason "Ri'Zharim" my main character, even has a story and has life in this fantasy world is due to that player.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone, creating content, chatting, playing, changing our lives in large and small ways.