I know a guy who worked on the original Xbox team. The hardware side, the box itself. I can remember playing one of the early titles, that he was very excited about. It was "Beyond Good and Evil" and as he played, we marveled at how pretty and smooth it all was.

That was 11 years ago. Nowadays, things that were original to the first Xbox don't look pretty or smooth anymore. Nostalgia's nice, but only for a while. And here's what's funny about Beyond Good and Evil HD, which is free for the next two weeks via Games with Gold: it's an "update" to that old game, but it is, itself, now three years old. So what you're getting is a game that's a retro 360 title of a retro OG title. Ain't that a silly pair of pants.

I tried it out today and I might play a little more. I like the concept, running around taking pictures of things--it's not a new concept, and the collector part of my personality likes any game that has this feature (it's one of the reason I've logged 40 hours playing No Man's Sky but haven't left my starting solar system yet).

Otherwise the game's got that feel-good retro thing going, like I said, and it's a bit of a hodge-podge: there's a war, but it looks like it's media-sponsored. There's robots, a pig who is a mechanic, a hologram Latino complete with stereotypical accent, goat-children, and eyeballs on stalks you fight with sticks. Oh, and you live in a lighthouse, which has an electric shield, which only runs if you pay your electricity bill.

I didn't delete it after playing for 30 minutes, so there's that.