Note: I wrote this last week, but forgot to post it.

Been hitting it hard with Mage this month, going for them 500 wins, going for that Gold. Because that’s do-able, as opposed to hitting Legend. Heck, hitting Rank 10 is a chore. I can’t get up the gumption even for that.

But I can manage ten wins a day. Usually. (Thank the Yogg for Wild). Had a 10-10 day in Standard, and another day I went 5-14. However, I’ve also had a 5-3, a 10-7, and today a 9-6. When I get frustrated with Tempo in Standard, I switch to Mech Mage in Wild. 4-0, 5-1, 1-0… you get the picture.

Speaking of Tempo- was playing the Tempo Storm Meta Report version, and getting frustrated. Tried swapping in and out Antonidas, Pyroblast… nothing was really consistent. So I switched to Kolento’s version, which has a Polymorph, Ethereal Conjurors, and faceless Summoners. Those games have been a little bit better.

Here are few crazy moments so far:

Losing to Rogue and only Yogg in my hand, so I played him. After the dust settled, I wasn’t much better off, although Solemn Vigil drew me a few cards, and he was at 11 life. He gets a Sylvanas on board, pinged by Snipe. So I tossed down an Azure Drake and Mirror Image, ping for one. He plopped down an Abomination. I top decked a Roaring Torch. Torch with Azure is 7, Azure into Abomination is two more, and ping for lethal.

Losing to Warrior. My hand was empty and he was armored up all over the place. He played Malkarok, and got Cursed Balde. I top decked Ragnaros, who went face, and I pinged him for another two. He played something that didn’t kill me, and I top decked Frostbolt, and ping finished him off. Lesson learned: if you’re winning, don’t play Malkarok

Losing to Mage. He’s already played Rhonin, who died, but with Effigy in play to give him back a Chromaggus. He plays all them missiles, killing my Azure Drake and Brann Bronzebeard. I’ve got one card left: Yogg. Yogg does what he does: wipes the board, draws me a bunch of cards (Azure Drake, Archmage Antonidas, two Frostbolts, an Arcane Missile, and an Arcane Blast) hits the other guy in the face, hits me in the face. I’m at two life. My opponent is at 16. He has 6 cards in hand. He plays Arcane Intellect, Ethereal Conjuror, and pings me in the face for one. I draw Flamewaker. Frostbolt (3+2=5), Arcane Blast (2+2=9) Arcane Missiles (3+2=14) Frost (3+2=19).