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Tavern Brawl: A Repeat, and Totally New

note: I write this last week, but forgot to post it.

Tinkertown gnomes are testing their prototype card-bot: Optimotron. The card you draw on turn 1 will be a 1-cost card, if you have one. On turn 2, a 2-cost card…

I have no imagination, so I went full C’thun. On my Pay-to-Win account: Zombie Chow for the 1 drop, C’thun dudes all the way up to 7, Alexstraza at 9. The only place on the curve that was out of my control was 8, where I filled out the deck so I’d have 30 cards.

I went 3-0 with C’thun Hunter to finish a quest, then 3-1 with C’thun druid to finish another quest. The game I lost? C’thun Shaman. And in all 6 wins, I never had to play C’thun at all.

So I switched over to my Free-to-Play account. That one doesn’t have all the sexy C’thun cards (like Twin Emperors). So I did what I could, tossed in Reno for 6, Kel’Thuzad at 8, Rafam at 9. Went 2-1… in both my wins, I managed to get Stalag and Feugen AND Kel’Thuzad. It was bananas.

We’ve seen this brawl before, but not since Wrath of the Old Gods came out. So it’s totally different. Betcha we see it again after the next expansion too… and since it’s “wild” rules in terms of which cards you can use, I expect it to get just better and better … until it’s broken.

Wild YOLO Most-Gods Reno Milkshake Priest Nonsense

Made a cheap-ass miracle rogue deck on my free-to-play account, went 5-1 to finish off a quest. Hooray.

Hopped over to my pay-to-win account. Priest quest. Ugh. Well, let’s make the best of it. We’ll go Wild, and we’ll go wild. Deathrattle minions, steal-’em spells, C’thun minions. Reno and C’thun and N’zoth, oh my. And why not Yogg. Why the heck not.

Results? Well, I’m playing Wild at Rank 19, so, you know. Every loss is to be expected and every win is sheer luck. But oh my Old-Gods, the fun when it all comes together. Top decking Yogg and clearing the board, setting up C’thun, and then throwing down N’zoth.

I can only imagine how irritating this deck is to play against. The Reno come-back. The Sylvanas/Cabal Shadow-Priest/Shadow-Madness steals. Thoughtsteal and Mindgames and Mind Vision.

Back when the Hearthstone devs announced Standard and Wild, I assumed Wild would just be the land of broken OP decks. But so far, it has been, actually wild, as in wild-n-crazy.

I’m half-tempted to craft Y’Shaarj, just to put him in there.

This Week’s Brawl: Heart of the Sunwell.

“In the Sunwell lies unlimited power, and that power is yours! Start each game with 10 mana and see what you can do with it!”

Hadn’t played Hearthstone for a few days and needed to catch up, hopped into my Free-To-Play account. Gotta get that free pack. Gotta get those common classics.

A brawl we’ve had before. Not one so great for the F2P players, since they don’t have all them sweet legendaries they can play on turn one. But RNG is what it is, and perseverance usually pays off for us cheapskates.

I went with druid, because, you know: Irony. In the lore, Malfurion had to fight his brother because of the Sunwell, and shove him in prison for 10,000 years. Me, I built a C’thun deck. I figured, throw out a bunch of worshippers, throw out C’thun, profit. How did it go? Here’s the play by play, as well as I remember it:

Opponent: Warrior, Magni, Golden. (Sigh.)
Him: Onyxia. Lookit all them little dragon whelps.
Me: Swipe, Starfall.
Him: Ysera. (Sigh.)
Me: Beckoner of Evil, Twilight Elder, C’Thun’s Chosen.
Him: Face with Ysera, Gruul, armor up.
Me: Minions to face. Cthun! Grull dies.
Him: Hellscream. Inner Rage on Hellscream, Nightmare on Hellscream, Rampage on Hellscream, Inner Rage on Hellscream. Face with Ysera and Hellscream. I’m at 3 life.
Me: C’thun to his face, my minions to his face, Disciple of C’thun’s 2 damage to his face, Hero power for last point of damage.

And my card pack for winning the brawl had an epic in it!

In retrospect, I could have played Disciple of C’thun first, pumping my C’thun a bit before going face, and I wouldn’t have needed the Hero Power. So I hope Magni didn’t think I was BMing him.