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The Grind Will Eat Your Soul

I had hernia surgery last week. Ain't that a hoot? It wasn't that bad, really, and the blessing wrapped around the curse is that I'm not allowed to do much while I recover. Fortunately, playing video games qualifies as not doing much.

But I'm, exhausted anyway, let me tell ya. The goal is to get my goblin hunter, Anjel, up to 100 before Legion comes out. I feel like 5 levels a day is a pretty good pace, up to 90 at least, and the slow it down for the rest of August. I get up about 6 am (I work from home and log on and queue up for random dungeons and then do pet battle-master daily quests. If I can get 5 levels by 1:00, I'm feeling pretty good, what with work and the baby and everything else.

It takes a lot out of me, though. Nothing else gets done. No other video games, no writing to speak of. I shouldn't complain, I know- back in the day It might take me a week to get another level. So 5 in a day is baller (thank you, heirlooms and boss nerfs!)

And even though it's a grind, there's still fun to be had. I don't know if I'd even be in-game if I wasn't pushing this hunter- which means I'd be missing the pre-Legion events. Every once in a while an invasion force will hit an area of Azeroth, and it's lots of fun to run around with a hundred other players, killing demons (not to mention the xp- about half a level, every time, for 10 minutes work).

But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to slowing down. Anjel hit 85 today (Hello, Pandaria) and so, one more day of punishment, then I'll ease back. You beleive me, right?

Goal Reached: 500 Wins with Mage

Holy cow what a grind. Today I just decided to go for it and pushed out 25 wins to finish off the run. All Mage. Variations on tempo in Standard, and some mech stuff in Wild. Overall negative win rate, but I don't care. I'm done. It's over. “And I never have to play mage again (tm).

There for a while Wild was my bread n butter, as I quickly shot up to 10 or so, and hovered. Peaked at 8, then dropped back down to the low 11s. I thought Wild was where it's at- at least the games are quick. At least I can fit in Secret Eater against Secret Paladin.

But lots o' losses in Wild sent me back to Standard, and I finished at Rank 6. That's as high as I've ever made it-- and it begs the question. Should I switch to Warrior for the last few days of the season?

I don't know. Playing against warrior takes forever. I can only imagine what it must be like when it's a mirror match up. Then again, there are many different warriors to choose from (I should know, I got schooled by them all: Dragon, Control, OTK, even Pirate).

But what if I can make it to Rank 5? If I could do that, it would set a new bar for me: Rank 10 was my “legendary" rank, but if I make it to 5, that will have to become my new goal. And sheesh, I'm tired. However, I kind of get it now. People say that hitting legend (or whatever rank you're going for) is, more or less, a matter of grinding. Yes, there's skill, but even with skill, it's a slog.

We'll see. For now, I'm looking forward to non Hearthstone things. Just in time to cool off before the new adventure, One Night in Karazhan, arrives in two weeks. Sweet!