I was never one much for the whole transmog thing. It's a shade to close to role-playing, not to mention the serious hit on bag space it takes. But this new pre-Legion patch, with it's new transmog collection system, has me now slogging through old raids and trying on new outfits.

It's the collector in me, is what it is. Did I ever tell you about the time I collected over 300 rubber ducks? Yeah, those were dark days. At least in WoW I don't need bins stacked up in my garage, potential creeping the ever-loving heck out of anyone who happens upon them.

I have always kind of liked walking through old raids and dungeons, though, so maybe its a slog, but it can be a fun slog. I've recently poked my head into places I'd never been before, just to see what pinks drop from the raid bosses (I call them "pinks" because when a new piece is added to your collection, you're notified in pink text in the chat window).

And when I get a BoE piece that doesn't fit my class? Off it goes to an alt. And I bet I'm not the only one. Blizzard's timing on this is excellent. They know they're going to get a huge uptick in users when Legion goes live, and this pre-patch is pulling many of those returning players in ahead of time. That should smooth out the curve a bit, I think.

A nice side effect of all this, for me, is I'm seeing things I didn't know were there, like this Time-Walking thing, which I only just realized yields pretty nice gear rewards. So I've been doing that, too.

And here I thought that with my 500th mage win in Hearthstone, I'd be sitting in front of my computer less. Sheesh.