I've been trying to grind out some mage wins to get that golden portrait. It's a more do-able goal that going for legend, at least for someone with my skills.

This afternoon I was playing with a mech mage deck in Wild, and things were going horribly. I was 2-10. Yep, that's right. Dropped from Rank 8 to Rank 10. Mind you, I got all the way up there with this deck in the first place-- losing at Rank 8 I understand, but all the way back down with so few wins?

So I got frustrated, and decided to make a silly freezy death rattle mech mage deck (I call it Oslo cause them Norwegians like their death metal and its cold up there). And I went 3-0. And I'm no deck-making genius. I an unapologetic net-decker and I'm lucky to break Rank 10 in a good month.

Yes, it was probably just coincidence. But it got me thinking- what if Blizzard keeps track of your deck wins, or heck, just deck “xp” as it were? Maybe THAT'S why some people fly to legend with the crazy decks-- they're not innovative, they're just new!

I'm not smart enough to be able to test this out on my own. And come to think of it, I'm not asking anyone else to test it either… I think I'll let it just be a myth in my mind. A kind of feel-good thing that will encourage me to quit my losing streaks before they go to 10 and try new things.

Only 25 wins to get that golden mage, by the way. Maybe sometime in September? :)

Note: I wrote this yesterday but forgot to post it. I have since played Oslo many times and it loses. A lot.