Don't worry- not sad, just reflective!

I have not been playing the vidja-games as much lately (which is a total lie: Hearthstone Mage Grind) but that's only because I've been doing other things. And that's not bad. I've been reading more books, doing more writing, running more, and work has also gotten a little busier.

But that also means less video-game blogging. Or, let's be honest: video-game silly-picture photoshopping. Let's be even more precise: adding dumb speech bubbles to video-game screen-shots.

Still, it's something I enjoy doing and I find myself missing it, even in the throes of a long run or a long book or a thousand-word chapter in a crappy novel I've been working on for the last three years (full disclosure: I've been “working" on, like, 10 or so novels for the last several years. I can't stay focused on one thing for too long- hence the many video games!)

I suppose discipline is the key. I should pick one or two days a week and make video games and screen-captures the priority. That's all well and good, but the truth is: the baby comes first, and then free-time availability cascades from there. My Tuesday run gets pushed to Wednesday, and my commitment to read one book a week means I'm up early on Thursday, and then I get a bonkers idea for another silly chapter…

The problem is that video games are easy, no brainy, like that friend you default-hang with when it's a nice day outside and you've got time to kill. Hit the patio of your favorite bar and shoot the breeze for a few hours. If you're over 40, you know what happens to friends like that. You drift apart.

That's sad in the case of real human beings. But with video games, I guess I'm taking for granted that they don't really care if I play them every day or once a month. And the bright-side is that, since no one reads this blog, no one cares if I post silly pictures all the time or only every so often.

Anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest. And now, a goofy screenshot.